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August 12, 2008

Two WIPS and a wedding update.

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I hope everyone is doing well. I’m getting a bit worried as my wedding date is fast approaching. I called my wedding coordinator and she says everything is taken care of. And I haven’t done much of anything. I hope she’s right. We did discuss things like my flowers, flower arrangements for the reception, and the bridesmaids’ bouquets. I want a dark red rose bouquet bound simply in a cream ribbon similar to this bouquet.
Red rose bouquet

I want my bridesmaids to carry a simple bouquet of calla lilies. Just like this.

We also discussed hair and makeup for myself and my bridesmaids and my mom. Everyone’s going to get a girl’s day in my room. Yeah!!! How fun.

Matt and I put my wedding ring on order. I’ll post a pic after my wedding. But I love it!

Enough of wedding stuff. I’ve also attempted to nurture an organic garden. So far this is the extent of it.

It’s a tomato plant and I think it’s infested with a bug that I can’t find. I did find some worm holes in several tomatoes that grossed me out so i picked those off and threw it away. I also threw away a bunch of leaves that were yellowed or brown. That left us with a very sad looking plant. Since I didn’t want to use chemicals on the plants, I bought an insecticidal soap that says that it is appropriate for gardeners who are trying to stay away from chemicals. Hopefully, it works. i have a tomato that I’m placing all my hopes into. I never realized how hard gardening really is.
Here are two WIPs that I’ve been working on: Jaywalker Socks and the Lotus Tank.

I have one sock done and I’m on the foot of the second one. I’m determined to avoid SSS (Second Sock Syndrome)

Here’s my Lotus tank.

I’m super nervous because I have the back to finish and the tiny sleeves. And this is all I have left.

I’m scared I won’t have enough yarn to finish this project. I had bought this yarn several years ago and it is a discontinued color. It would break my heart if I have to rip it out and use the yarn for something else. IK had specified 2 balls of yarn. When I read that when I bought the yarn, I thought, “This is too good to be true. A project that won’t break my student budget.” Hopefully, I am not wrong.

I did find some pictures of the San Luis Rey Mission that I took on my phone. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of the grounds from a camera phone but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

And here’s Panther the mission cat resting under California’s first pepper tree.