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March 26, 2008

My dress!

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Just a short post to let you know that I found my wedding dress. You can view it here. Take a look at the dress from the back. That’s what sold the dress to me. I was not able to save an image to post it on my blog. It looks so much better on than in the picture and they even carry petite for my short body. I ordered it in ivory because I think white might be too blinding with my tan skin color. I also decided that I want my colors to be a teal color, kinda like Tiffany blue. David’s Bridal calls it pool. I’m still working on getting the location. We’re leaning toward a church wedding with a reception at a resort. We are hiring a wedding planner to make things a bit easier on us but details are such a pain. That coupled with dealing with the insurance companies about the accident is stressing me out!


March 16, 2008

Another one hits the frogpond…

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My Bonita shirt has some serious flaws in it.  For one thing, you have to cast on a huge amount of stitches.  210 for my size.  And I’m notoriously bad at casting on the correct number of stitches.  So armed with this little bit of powerful information, I used stitch markers to help me count.  To no avail… I was off by 10 stitches which I did not discover until I started the lace pattern.  Now, if you’ve knit this shirt, you know that you do something quite painful in the beginning which is knit the hem and knit it back onto itself.  I know that sounds awkward but if you have the directions, look it up and you’ll see why I fudged the shirt for so long.  It took me a week of knitting before I got to the lace repeats.  I was flabbergasted but did what any lazy knitter would do.  I simply added increases until I got my additional 10 stitches.  So I trudge along with the correct number of stitches for a while.  The decrease instructions got a bit hazy for me and I ended up doing that wrong too.  Now I made “allowances” for the stitch discrepancy again.  You can tell I’m not one who takes to the frog pond lightly.  I keep going in complete denial until the increase section and I break down.  The shirt just doesn’t look right with all of my fudging.  So I’m going to put it away for a while and come back to it.  I almost cried as I came to this conclusion this morning but it needs to be done.  I was working on Bonita since the my Maui trip which was a few weeks ago now so I’m quite despondent.   Small gauge yarn and small needles came to disaster in this case.  On the positive, the lace pattern is quite fun and I loved the knitting in the round construction.  I suppose I could have just continued on in denial but then I probably would never wear this shirt.  I’m so heartbroken that I can’t bring myself to take a pic of the disaster.

I think I’ll start on Brooklyn Tweed’s Hemlock blanket that seems to be all the rage on Ravelry.  I have some Eco Wool in the stash that would be perfect.  Hopefully, that gets my mind off Bonita for a while.  I wonder what percentage of knitters successfully stop and start a project all over again…