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January 30, 2008

I’m still here…

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It’s really boring staying at home. I’m sure it would be better if you could do things. But when you can barely get out of bed without wincing, being at home sucks. I can’t even get any laundry done or go to the grocery store. Actually, I could probably go to the grocery store. I just can’t lift the grocery bags to bring them into the house or put them away. How pathetic. As far as my health, breathing still hurts but I hesitate to take the percocet unless I need to sleep. That stuff just knocks me out and I can barely lift my eyelids. My left eye is still bruised and the bruises on my legs and arms are surfacing. I go to the Dr. on Friday to followup and hopefully get the stitches out. I never realized how much they itch. I’ll also find out how long I’ll be out of work for. Matt finally went to the doc yesterday to get checked out. He’s all good. Just a bit sore. He got a CT and thankfully he’s got no internal bleeding.

I have some fun pictures to share though. Matt and I took the dogs over to Mount Palomar where we actually get snow last Saturday. Yes people, it snows in Southern California. Waldo, I think, enjoyed his first experience with the snow. But Wendy is probably thinking, “Why is it so cold? Get me into the car!”

“Hmmm… I like the smell of snow.”

Here are some pictures of my latest FO: the Central Park Hoodie. Sorry I don’t look better. In fact I look horrible since I can’t lift the hair dryer.

I like this sweater overall. The yarn is nice and soft and the color is beautiful. I think the problems I have with it are my fault. I made the sleeves too long. I also cast off one side of the button band too tightly so it puckers a bit but you live and learn. I’m not so bothered that I’d rip it out or anything. Overall, a wearable FO. No buttons on it yet but I can actually still wear it. And yes, I used the Knitting board in case you were wondering. I need to get a pic with a project blocking on it.

I have some other projects that I’d like to share. The first is called “Retro Rib Socks”.

The pattern is in the Fall 2004 Interweave Knits. I’m using Lang Jawoll that I purchased at Common Threads. I’m working on the first sock and so far so good. The pattern is repetitive but not so boring that I’ll quit knitting the sock.

Here’s another one called Nicole by Chic Knits.

Not too many people are knitting or have knit this pattern according to Ravelry. I’m knitting it with Debbie Bliss Cathay that I bought on sale last year. I actually love this yarn. I have heard that Debbie Bliss yarns have a tendency to pill so I’ll be on the lookout for that. So far, the pattern is great. Some lace patterns and stretches of stockinette. Fun stuff. If someone wants to knit this with me, I’d love to trade notes with you. I tried to garner interest on Ravelry but so far no biters:(


January 28, 2008

Jake… RIP

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No pictures of knitting today. I was in a car accident today. We were on our way to the Buick Invitational this morning after a breakfast at Panera. For those non-golf fans, the Buick Invitational is a golf tournament and of course the star is Tiger Woods. We were on our way to Qualcomm stadium to park and take the shuttle. It was of course forecasted to rain. And rain it did. We were on the I15 at Miramar Road when we noticed that cars were on the side of the road. Now for those of you with no knowledge of Southern California drivers, we freak out when it rains. Tons of accidents occur and today was no exception. I’m not a rubbernecker and Matt commented that there were several accidents. I kept on going at a reasonable speed when I see a tan or white Suburban pulling away from the side of the road. It goes from lane 1 to 2, then it happened very quickly but hopped in my lane. I was trying to be proactive, pumping the brakes, and preparing to change lanes. But it did no good and I slammed into the rear end. The car in back of us rear ended us and poor Jake (my celica) slammed into the freeway divide. In the end, 4 cars were involved with this portion of the accident. I later found out that the Suburban was the victim of another accident. The family vacated the car and was rearended by another car. The ended in the car being pushed into the freeway and into my lane.

The airbags deployed and saved us from launching into the windshield. But I ended up hitting my head and getting a 2 inch laceration and a huge bruise. I also have a shiner on the eye. The laceration on my head bled profusely and 911 was called by another victim of the accident. I was crying because my chest hurt really bad. So bad I couldn’t breathe. The poor EMT’s. I was hysterical because of the pain of breathing. They didn’t know if my neck was hurt so I was strapped to a board and transported to the hospital.

Turns out, I needed some stitches to the head. No internal injuries to my abdomen and I didn’t lose consciousness so no concussion yet. I did get a chest x-ray for the breathing pain and it turns out I have a fracture on my sternum. No treatment is available for that other than rest and pain meds. I left the hospital with some pain meds, stitches in the back of my head, and an order to see a primary care physician which is another story.

So… here I sit, chest still hurting but very grateful than neither I or Matt have life threatening injuries. We’re both sore and going to have to stay home from work but we’ll live and we have each other. He took very good care of me while I was so hurt and I think this incident proved our love for each other. Poor guy, he was very sore and had the wind knocked out of him but he got out of the car to take care of me.

As for Jake, the 1996 red Toyota Celica, he’s dead. As in totaled. I am very sentimental about this car. I got this car in college and it took me on many trips between San Diego and San Luis Obispo. It got me safely to Michigan for nursing school and I drove him to Canada. Many fond memories of Jake. I didn’t expect him to go this way. I always expected him to just stop running one day after 20 years of service. What a violent way for him to go.

Here’s a picture of Jake in happier times.

Here’s poor Jake after the accident.

I’ll be resting up this week. Hopefully knitting won’t be too painful. Take care and drive defensively. You’ll never know when a rogue car will come up and make you ram into the rear end.

January 19, 2008

An almost FO…

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I finished the knitting for CPH. But the journey is far from over. Yes, it’s very far. Because I still have the dreaded task of seaming. Here’s a picture of the pieces.

Scary isn’t it. Fortunately the back and front pieces are already joined at the shoulders. The hood was made by picking up stitches along the back and the fronts. So basically, I have the sleeves and the front to back seams to do. It doesn’t seem like much finishing but to a knitter who hates sewing like I hate exercising, it is a problem child. My goal is to get myself to seam this bad boy by tomorrow.

Even scarier is the amount of yarn I have left over.

I was scared s*&%less that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. It looks like it’s a lot more in the picture than it really is. It’s not like I could get another skein of this yarn. I vulturized it from a LYS that closed back in Oct. Good luck finding another in the same dye lot if I didn’t have enough…

So… here are the stats on this project.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in a burnt orange color. 5 skeins… with a tiny bit left over.

Pattern: Central Park Hoodie, originally published by Knitscene. I purchased the pattern from Knitting Daily.

My take on it: I loved this pattern. It was simple and the cables weren’t too complicated. The yarn is a lovely color and soooo soft. Matt doesn’t agree with me and he says that it itched his head when I put it on him just to see if the hood looked right. The only thing I didn’t love was that there is seaming involved. I wish I was smart enough or motivated enough to figure out how to knit the body in one piece. No mods were made mainly because I’m a stick to the pattern kinda gal. I bought some buttons to sew on and I tried to take a pic but they came out blurry. Hopefully you’ll get to see the finished piece with the buttons on tomorrow.

I met a new knitting buddy on Ravelry named Margaret. She and I have met on the last 2 Thursday nights and have had a ball knitting. She’s a sock fiend who inspired me to start knitting Retro Rib Socks.

I’m using some Jawoll in gray that I picked up at Common Threads. So far it’s pretty easy. The rib pattern requires some thinking so it’s not exactly mindless for me. I will persevere and make sure that this sock has a match within a reasonable amount of time. I’m the queen of second sock syndrome unfortunately. Well… I hope to post a FO pic tomorrow. Or at least one that’s blocking. Then I’ll get to use my Christmas present!

January 6, 2008

I graduated

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I’m officially turned loose.  My orientation at my new job ended yesterday and I’m NERVOUS about being alone.  Although everyone tells me that I won’t be alone because there are other nurses around willing to help me.  Yikes… My first day on my own is on Tuesday.  Wish me luck.  I’m hoping that the woman and baby who’s birth I will be attending on Tuesday will be healthy.  My preceptors both told me I was doing well but I still have butterflies in my stomach when thinking about everything I have to do.  Especially since I had a really hard birth that I did yesterday.

Mom was 400 + lbs and had a chronic back injury.  She had an epidural placed not once but twice and was pushing the button heavily by the time I had gotten there.  Meaning her legs were completely numb.  I arrived for my shift at 7 am with my preceptor and found out that she was complete and ready to start pushing.  So… I go in and assess her, let the doc know that we were going to start pushing.   Her legs were so sleepy from the epidural that she couldn’t labor on her side or in any other position except for on her back with her legs in full leg supports.   She pushed for about 45 minutes with me coaching her and her husband at her side for support.  She brought the baby down pretty low, about +2 station if you know what that means when she started to freak out.  Her back started to hurt her.  I told her that she needed to push her button again if she was hurting.  She pushed it and I told her we were going to continue working to get the baby out.  She starts screaming that the epidural wasn’t working.  So I called the anesthesiologist and asked him to come see her to give her a boost of medication.  She’s still screaming and refusing to push so I let her rest until the doc comes to give the bolus.   The doc comes in to a horrific scene.  The mom is screaming at me to let her stand up which of course she couldn’t because her legs were numb.  I had a vial of fentanyl for him which is a strong pain killer.  He tells me, “For God’s sakes, give a dose to the woman IV to calm her down.”  After a boost of medication in the epidural and one thru the IV, she’s still screaming that her back is killing her.  She feels no contractions at all which means pushing will not be as effective.  I’m thinking to myself, “This is not good.”  I stay with the mom while my preceptor calls the OB and tells him the situation.  He comes into the room a few minutes later and she’s still screaming that her back is killing her and that she won’t push anymore.  Doc tells her that she has to push.  She asks, “Can’t you just take him out?”  He flat out tells her that the baby is doing ok for now and that she must push the baby out.  He tells her that she’s too fat for a C section and that she needs to show him that she can push so he can use the vacuum.  She says ok.  The birth ends with the vacuum, Mc Roberts maneuver, NICU nurses, 3 other nurses besides myself and my preceptor, the anesthesiologist, and the OB tech.  The baby ends up going to the NICU for low blood sugars and grunting.  (Not breathing well).  And the kid was over 10 lbs.  Ugh… what a way to end your orientation…. What a mess.

Knitting wise, I’m still working on CPH.  I keep messing up on the sleeves otherwise I’d be done by now.

January 1, 2008

New Year Resolutions

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Hi all,

Time for the traditional list of resolutions.  I figured if I put it up in my blog, I can track how I do.  Here goes:

  1. Eat healthier.  For those of you who know me, I like to eat fried foods.  Like french fries in ranch dressing.  Fried cheese sticks.  Fried zucchini.  Pretty much anything with breading and ranch dressing is a winner in my book.  I am going to attempt to eat my fav foods once a week and then maybe once a month.  Sweets I can take or leave but fat I have to have.  Other than that I do love fruit and veggies so I just have to eat more of them.
  2. Exercise more.  I used to exercise a lot, lifting weights and doing yoga.  I have been a couch potato for about 3-4 years and it’s starting to show.  I will work out 4 times a week.  At least 2 of those workouts will be with weights.  I know #1 and #2 will keep me from having a stroke or heart attack which I’m deathly afraid of after working on a tele unit.  My family history of skinny type 2 diabetics is not helping me so I can use all the help I can get.  My motivation is that 30 minutes of working out on my days off will give me knitting time.  LOL… I wonder how long that’s going to last.
  3. Plan my wedding.  So far, I don’t have a date, location, dress, guest list, registry.  I am starting from scratch people!  And I have a fiance who is itching to get married this year.  I looked at http://www.brides.com and have bought wedding magazines and the to do lists are absolutely overwhelming.  We’re thinking destination wedding in Hawaii would be easiest and fun.  Almost like going to Vegas but without the trashy Brittany Spears feel.
  4. Yarn diet.  I mean it this time.  My stash is by no means a LYS but it’s big enough that Matt wants to sell it on ebay.  He’s opening an ebay seller’s account right now so I’m a little nervous about my stash.
  5. Knit one project at a time.  I am the queen of multiple wips that get lost in the shuffle.  I still have a baby blanket that needs the edging.  Ugh… But I’m excusing that one since it’s not earmarked for anyone.
  6. Be better about my money.  I think everyone can do little things to help their financial situation.  I currently am saddled by a student loan that is about $18k and I have a couple of other loans that I’m paying off right now, that stupid alexandrite ring and my laser hair removal.  My car loan has finally been paid off this year.  Yeah!!!  My goal is to track my spending and eat out less.  That will help me with goal #1 and #2.  Also, stop buying pattern books.  I need to stop looking at Amazon and elann.  Those two sites say, “I’m such a great deal”.  And of course, I start spending.
  7. Knit some patterns that I bought off the internet.  And I’ve bought a whole bunch.  Ariann, Tree Jacket, Hopeful (Which I bought many years ago.  It’s not even available anymore), Giselle, Glee.  Just to name a few.  I tend to accumulate paid for patterns.   I guess it would be different if I knit them up but right now, it makes me feel bad with regards to #6.
  8. Read more.  This goes with #6 as well.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to Borders and spend the afternoon drinking tea and reading magazines.  The problem is, I also buy books that I have every intention of reading but never do.  Maybe I’ll do a book review once a month or so on the ole blog.

Ok… I think that’s a hefty list.  If it gets any bigger, I might not get anything done.  LOL….