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July 30, 2006

I’m a sock queen!

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I finally finished those colorful ribbed socks on the train. Here’s some pics!
I also finished another sock. It’s made out of Paton’s Kroy. I bought this yarn off Ebay about a year ago. I found out that I can knit a sock in less than 5 hours. I was on the train coming back from Chicago for 6.5 hours. I got sick of socks and started on some other projects. Here are some progress pics.

The first pic is of the Somewhat Cowl. Almost done. Just need to finish the rest of the bottom and the ribbing. Then the sleeves:)

The next pic is of the sock. Just the basic sock pattern. I’m getting the hang of turning the heel and the toes.

The last pic is of my Orangina. It just needs the ends woven in and to be blocked. Here’s a closeup of the lace.

Sorry, this is not so wordy… I’m writing a paper and just wanted to post some progress pics.


July 27, 2006

What to do in the Chicago???

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I made an impulsive decision to hop on the train to Chicago and visit some family. The train was an incredible deal at $18 to come here and $25 for my return trip to East Lansing.

I got a lot of knitting done on my last sock of that Trekking yarn. I’m now past the heel into the foot. Yeah!!! That’s the fast part. The EL to Chicago leg of my journey took 6 hours. It was entirely due to stupidity on my part. I bought my ticket not realizing that it is a bus leaving from EL to Battlecreek, MI. Then a 3 hour wait until the train picks me up in Battlecreek. So… I get off my bus which is going to Chicago anyway and start my wait at the train station. One hour goes by and I absolutely cannot stand this train station. I am the only one in there! So… the next bus pulls in and I luck out because it will get me to Chicago. I ask the bus driver if I can get on and he says yes. No exchange of tickets of extra payment or anything. I wonder if Amtrak and the Greyhound are affiliated companies.

If anyone has suggestions of what to do in Chicago, let me know. I have my camera and will post any cool things that I take a picture of. But, unfortunately I don’t have my cord to upload pics to my pc. So… pics will come sometime next week. My cousin is going to take me to cirque de solei. Should be tons of fun and I can’t wait.

July 16, 2006

The heat is on…

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Ugh… It is so hot here. We’re supposed to get up to 95 degrees in East Lansing. I know it gets that hot out in San Diego but I just can’t breathe here. And I hate air conditioning because I get too chilled. So I am absolutely miserable. I can’t get my apt cool because I only have a wall unit. I never had air in San Diego so I just found out about central air vs. wall units. But sitting in the library, I need a sweater! Just can’t make me happy:(

Oh well, I hope everyone stays cool. I’m going to Threadbear to knit this afternoon. I deserve some knitting time and they keep it cool there. I’ll have knitting pieces to keep me warm!

Stay cool and safe…

July 13, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks….

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I’m jumping on the sock bandwagon, again. I actually finished a pair. And unbelievably, they are wearable.

I finished the first sock at the completion of a sock class. I believe that was way back in April. The second sock was off the needles by the last week of June. Talk about a long WIP…

I really like the yarn I chose for this. Cascade Fixation. It’s very stretchy and fit well. They even stretch out enough to fit my SO… though I think he’ll bust thru the toes at any second. The needles were size 2 bamboo Clover needles. I still like DPN’s. I haven’t gotten the hang of magic loop but I may attempt it once more before I leave MI. Matt from Threadbear is an expert at this technique and I must get him to show it to me again. The pattern is a standard sock formula that I learned in the sock class. Basically 2X2 ribbing for about 1.5 inches then stockenette the rest of your way down with shaping for the heels and toes. The only thing I would change is the color. A little color would be nice. I’m tempted to buy some more Fixation so that I can make these

I’m liking the sock thing so much I’m starting another pair. And… one sock is actually finished!

It’s a stripy yarn that I absolutely love. Fingering weight so it’s thinner than the Cascade Fixation. I believe it is a Trexxing yarn but I could be very wrong. I have since lost the label but I’ll ask the boys at Threadbear what it is if anyone is really curious. Same basic sock formula as the first pair of socks but I ribbed it all the way down to the toes. It makes for a very stretchy fabric.

Here’s another shot! Please excuse the dark splotches on my calf. They are the result of some killer mosquitos that I have encountered on the Champs patio in East Lansing. I got bitten so bad after that outing that I had to go to the doctor. My legs looked like they were weeping. The doc told me that I had the worst hypersensitivity to mosquito bites that he’d ever seen. He prescribed Zyrtec, an antibiotic to prevent secondary scarring, and bug spray. Lots of it. My poor legs were so swollen that I wasn’t supposed to wear pants cause they rubbed on the bites causing them to get more irritated. So… shorts and skirts can out but everyone stared at my legs like I was a leper. Not so fun…

July 5, 2006

Back and definitely not ready for more…

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I got back from my weekend trip with my SO. It was soooo nice to see him. I miss him already. I actually think I got to see him more than some of my classmates saw their boyfriends/girlfriends. I think I got to see him every month and a half or so…But I’ll be home in 6 weeks! Time for the count down!

We left last Friday and checked out Port Huron, MI which was home to both sets of Matt’s grandparents. Here’s a picture of their former homes. It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into a person’s history.

Port Huron is a border town with Canada so after that brief stop on memory lane it was on to Bracebridge, ON which was a beautiful little town. Basically a one street vacation town but it was very cute. Matt’s great grandparents built a few little cottages on the shores of Lake Muskoka and they were sold a few years ago. We visited with the new owners. Here are pics of the cabins and some of Banger Lodge/Beach.

After we’d checked out the lake, we went to our B & B, Inn at the Falls , which was right on the river. It had gorgeous views and was built around 1870. Being a Californian, I think anything before the 1900’s is old in terms of buildings.

Before leaving the Lake Muskoka area, we had to stop by Weber’s for a famous charbroiled burger. Not being partial to beef, Matt got all the fun with this stop.

After a night in Bracebridge, we spent 2 nights in Toronto. The first night we went up to the CN tower and ate at the 360 restaurant. This restaurant spins at one revolution every 72 mintues! It was a trip. We got to see the sunset while we were up there and dodged the rain. The food was wonderful and I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Toronto. The admission to the observation deck and the glass floor deck is included when you eat at the restaurant. The second picture is from the glass deck. It’s kind of dark but what you’re looking at is the Roger’s Center.

The next day we visited Casa Loma, which was the home of Sir Henry Pellatt. Sir Henry was a very wealthy man (he controlled 25% of Canada’s wealth at his richest!) who had to give up his castle because of financial ruin in the 1920’s. He died poor and alone. So… the Kiwanis Club took over the castle, renovated it, and opened it for tours.

We drove to the Niagara Falls on Monday and went winetasting along the way. That region is known for “Ice Wine”. This is made by leaving the grapes out on the vines for 3 consecutive days after the first frost. The result is an extremely sweet dessert wine. Pretty good but I could only have a sip of it before gagging. The dessert wines and sweeter wines were good. In fact I bought a risling for my parents. The other wines were just OK to me. I guess I’m spoiled being able to taste in the wine regions of California. The conditions just didn’t seem right for grapes to mature properly but what do i know?

Here are a few pics of Niagara Falls which were awesome on the Canadian side. We stayed at the Marriott and got a fallside view from our window.

Well, I was going to post pics of Niagara Falls but Blogger is acting funny. I’ll put them up next time.