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June 26, 2007

Not a knitting post…

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I worked Wed, Thurs and the weekend so I basically didn’t knit. I did try to start Goddess from Stitch Diva. I haven’t seen this one on any of the knitting boards. I guess it’s not as popular as Sahara. But I liked it. Hopefully it comes out. I say try because there is a provisional cast on and a weird set up stitch and I messed up. So, it has since been frogged and I will try again today. I bought 5 skeins of the recommended yarn, Lang Opal from a vendor on Ebay for $4 a skein so this top will cost me about $20. Yeah!!!

I am trying to get my plans set for Alaska in terms of our shore excursions. We’re going to be sailing out of Vancouver and our first stop is in Ketchikan. It doesn’t sound like there is much to do in Ketchikan. It is the fishing village of the southeast. The main highlight is the totem poles made by the native alaskans. So we’ll be doing the museum tours. Then we’ll be sailing to Juneau which is the capital of AL. There is a big glacier called Mendenhall glacier. The tours that are offered by our cruise ship are ridiculous when it comes to booking activities. To do transportation to Mendenhall Glacier, you have to pay $42. I looked up Mendenhall Glacier on the internet and it costs $3 to get in. A guide book told me that transportation is readily available from the port. You can either take the city bus for $1.50 which takes about 1.5 hours or pay $12 for a special bus that takes 20 min. Either way, it’s still way less than $42. I know that the cruise ship needs to make money but that kind of profit is almost obscene.  Another stop will be at the Ice Point Straits.  We’ll be doing a float plane to the Glacier Bay National Park.  That should be the highlight of our trip.  Our last stop before getting to our last stop of Seward is Skagway.  We’re debating whether to do the Glacier Point Wilderness safari or the White Pass Rail.  The safari is a hike to the Davidson glacier then you take a canoe back.  The White Pass Railway we’ll get to see a variety of scenery like glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, etc.  The train takes you on a historic ride.  If you’ve been on either, please let me know which one to go on.  Or if you haven’t, which would you go on.

Since I worked so much, I of course have a few work stories to share.  It seems like we’ve been getting lots of drug abusers lately.  I had a very young alcoholic (32 years old) who was found in the bathtub unconsious with slurred speech and a numb right hand.  Imagine that.  His liver is toast though according the labs.  He had extremely high blood pressure because of his alcoholism and had tried to commit suicide the week before by overrdosing on his medication.  I didn’t get a 72 hour hold on him in time and his doctor let him go.  Poor guy, he was in extreme denial about his addiction.  I asked him if he wanted to harm himself or others and of course he said no.  I asked him about his overdose and he said it was an accident and a misunderstanding.  Not a suicide attempt but a stupid mistake on his part.  But honestly who takes 50 tenormin pills at once without intending to.

I had another guy who was found unconsious in his car.  Turns out he was positive for marijuana, amphetamines, opiates.  He did not discriminate.  The only one he didn’t have in his system is alcohol.  So he wasn’t responsive or following commands so the ER doc decided that he had to rule out stroke.  So he ended up w/ me.  This guy slept off his drug induced unconsiousness and was fine.

On Saturday, it felt like all I did was give out methadone, librium, and dilaudid.  My least demanding patient was my 98 year old woman who may have suffered a TIA.  She was discharged early in my shift and I was left w/ my 3 drug abusers.   It never hit me how prevalent drug abuse was until that day.  I was left almost as exhausted as if I had 3 extremely sick people instead of 3 babies.  I know they have a sickness but they didn’t belong w/ me.  Drug abuse is not my specialty.  But then the day ended and I got to discharge 2 of the drug users.  When I was discharging my heroin addicted pt, he got a phone call.  He said he couldn’t say what he wanted but he told the person on the other line to say the list out loud because his nurse was in the room and he’d say which one he wanted.  Hmm… my instincts told me that he was picking out what he wanted when he got out of the hospital.  The other one was still there and he said that he would still be there when I come back to work on Thursday.    Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t get him again. The funny thing is that none of these men thought they had a problem.  Absolutely amazing.


June 16, 2007

Ugh… I need to frog…

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I’ve been knitting happily along w/ my Lucky Wrap when I took a really good look at the picture in the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. My fronts do not match the picture in the book. Ugh… what did I do wrong??? There is some errata that was posted on http://www.knithappens.com. Of course, being the consciencious knitter that I am, I never check whether there is an errata for a pattern. There is an error in the front and the sleeves. People, I’m halfway thru the first sleeve! I’ve completed the back and both the fronts! I’m about to jab my size 3 addis into my eyes in frustration. But, I don’t want to mess up perfectly good needles. No problem you say…just frog it. I’ve been knitting this sweater on size 3 needles for months. This frogging is going to hurt.

For those of you who are making this sweater, Knit the hell up posted her notes. I’m going to use them… ugh… wish me luck.

June 13, 2007

FO: Turtleneck Tube Vest

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Yeah!!! Another finished knit. I still have to weave the ends in which I will do tonight. But knitting was officially finished last night. I tried the vest on and it’s a perfect fit. I have more Cotton Fleece in the same color so I can make a matching shrug. Whoot! Whoot! Of couse a pic will follow the finishing. Probably on Friday. Tonight will be an official weaving in the ends night.

I met with a couple of ladies this morning who are from the North County Knitters Guild. I should check the official group out. They meet on the first Tuesday of every month which may be a bit difficult. You know, the whole job thing sometimes gets in the way of the fun stuff.

Matt and I booked our vacation last week. We’re doing a Royal Carribbean cruise to Alaska that starts in Vancouver, Canada and ends up in Seward, Alaska. I can’t wait. Has anyone been on an Alaskan Cruise? I’d love to hear about your experience. It’s my first cruise and I could use some tips!

June 7, 2007

Late pic…

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I finished Orangina (available on the Glampyre website) oh… about a year ago. I never got to take a pic of it on so here it is. You don’t see my head because I just got out of the shower and my hair is horrible.

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I case you were wondering, I am wearing a black tank top underneath. It’s hard trying to figure out what to wear under such a lacy piece. One of the reasons why I knit it in black. I believe the yarn I used was Petite Mandarin which I bought at Threadbear when I was living in Michigan. If I had to knit it over, I’d knit the ribbing an inch or two longer.I’m still working on the TTV. I’m at 8 inches in to the bottom ribbing. Yeah!!! Almost done. I’ll probably post a pic on Saturday. I have had tons of time off this week. I’m off from Wed thru Sat. I’m going to work out today and tomorrow… gosh, I’m just about the laziest person ever. I did walk 2 miles to my parents house yesterday which I thought was pretty good. Oh well, I can try again today.

Here’s a happy picture

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Waldo’s ears are extremely floppy and are rarely in the correct position.For those who are wondering about my job, I felt really sad on Tuesday. One of my patients was a hospice pt. That’s not the one I was necessarily sad about. I was sad about my 60 year old mentally retarded patient who did not have any family visit him. He had a stroke on Sunday and I had him on Tuesday. I found out from him that he smokes, drinks, and is addicted to crystal meth. I can’t believe the drug dealers. They will even sell to mentally retarded people. But I guess they are the easiest sell, especially when they don’t have anyone looking out for them. This poor patient’s parents died of old age about 20 years ago and he has no one to look after him. I got the case manager involved and they are trying to place him in a group home so he’s not alone anymore. I had to get a sitter for him because he got out of bed, is extremely unsteady, and could not understand how to use the call light. He had had a brainstem stroke which affects his equilibrium. And all the poor guy wanted was more food. He would have lunch then forget he had eaten a few minutes ago. I hope everything works out for him. Whenever I think that life sucks, I need to think of this poor man who is just happy that someone is talking to him and gives him food. Oh… then if that’s not all, he had a wound on his leg that was draining. I asked him how long he had it and he said 20 years. I had it cultured and he has methacillin resistant staph aureus or MRSA. What else can happen to the poor guy.