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November 30, 2006

Just need to vent…

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I worked today and work again tomorrow so… no knitting was done.  But I did have an interesting day at work.  Now, maybe some of you won’t understand this post because it’s mostly about being chewed out by a doctor.  Nurses unfortunately I think will relate too well.
A  doctor wanted to discharge a patient.  I talked to her about the patient’s condition including his wacky blood sugar and blood pressure readings.  She was really short with me and just asked if his adenosine stress test was finished.  I told her that it was performed at noon and that the results weren’t posted yet.  She told me that she’d write discharge orders and that i could let the patient go after the test results came back normal.   So, I called her at 4 to tell her that the results came it.  She didn’t call me back until 5 pm when I was with another patient.  I answered the phone as soon as I could and as I said hello, she said I took too long and hung up on me.  I let a few minutes go by and called her back to read the results to her.  She told me to check with another doc and then he could go home.  So the other doc cleared him.  I proceeded to type up the paperwork and found that the two docs had written prescriptions that listed the same drugs but different doses.  On top of that, the woman doc had one med that no one (including all the nurses and the pharmacist) could read.  So I called her to clarify.  She barked back that I needed to use hers.  Then I asked her about the illegible med.  She yelled on the phone that she was tired of my questions and she hung up on me again.

Now that I think about it, I should have called her back and told her that I refused to discharge her patient until she provided for his safety by reading back the drug to me.  The charge nurse told me that it was probably a multivitamin because he was an alcoholic.  Can you believe how rude this doc was?  I was just trying to ensure this patient’s safety and she told me that she wouldn’t answer my questions.  I asked around and all the nurses thought I should get this doc written up.  I will… when I go back to work tomorrow.  It’s just scary to me thinking that there are doctors like this who are willing to compromise their patient’s safety like that.  I decided that the next doctor that does that to me won’t get their patient’s discharged until they clarify their orders.  Maybe then, their handwriting will become more legible.  Doctors are supposed to be smart people.  Too bad there are some that are stupid when it comes to communication.


November 23, 2006

Happy turkey day…

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I’m not really one for turkey but Happy Thanksgiving to everone! I get the day off so I’m happy as well.

November 17, 2006

I feel like running…

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I am feeling pretty gross and unfit at the moment. In MI, I managed to gain 10 lbs in one year! I think it was a combo of weather that was inhospitable for me exercising, an extremely busy and stressful schedule, and eating bad food. There is a bigger variety of salads and veggies available in restaurants in CA. Michigan had incredible french fries and ice cream. Definitely not good for the waistline. I’ve actually lost 5 of those lbs since being at home. I’m not doing anything different except now I work and I make half hearted attempts at going to the gym. Nurses walk a lot when they work. I wore a pedometer at work and I racked up 6 miles in a 12 hour shift! I am thinking of taking up running again. I need to have goals to accomplish. I did run/walk 3 miles on Tuesday this week and I plan on going to the gym today and doing a few miles. But I suppose I should come up with a plan. I used to run a lot but during a half marathon, I felt my hip grind into the socket. Yuck! I don’t think I’ll get to that level again, but just having an activity to keep my active will be good.

No new FO’s to show off. I did get an email from Knit Picks about the extra ball of yarn I need. I just have to call them and order it. Yeah… i might get to finish this Ms. Marigold. Lessons learned: I need to order an extra ball. It’s frustrating cause I have so many balls of yarn leftover from projects. Usually, I have 2 or 3 balls left over! Oh well…

Enough blogging… time for running and knitting…Here’s a picture for all you dog lovers. Waldo is such a funny dog. His favorite thing to do is to snuggle in freshly washed laundry. It’s kinda gross but when he’s so cute it’s hard to reprimand him.


November 13, 2006

I ran out of yarn… sniff…sniff…

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I decided that tonight would be dedicated to finishing. I had two projects that required a tiny bit of knitting, weaving in of ends and seaming. The first one, the Somewhat Cowl, turned out ok. There are a few rough patches in it but I learned a lot from this project. For example, I joined yarn in the middle of the sleeve and pulled the yarn too tight resulting in a tiny hole in the sleeve. Now I know to add the yarn in a seam of some sort to hide it. I used Elann’s Lara in corel. I bought this yarn years ago from someone in Knitters Review who wanted to get rid of it. This yarn has quite a nice feel but shows all mistakes. Still for less than $10 I have a sweater.

Somewhat cowl

Yarn: Elann’s Lara

Needles: Addi Turbos, size 4.

I also tried to finish my Ms. Marigold which has been languishing for about a month. I just needed to finish the ribbed neckline and add the crocheted edge on the arm holes and the ruffled edge. I was really hesitant but plunged ahead with the neckline. That left me with about 10 yards of yarn left. So I decided to plug through and cross all my fingers and toes that I would have enough. I had barely enough to crochet the edging on one arm hole! I sent an emergency email to Knit Picks. I need just a little bit of Elegance in burnt orange to finish my sweater. I’m going to be sooo sad. This has never happened to me. Usually after completing a project I have 2 balls left over on average.

Here’s an example:

I finished the Ruana all the cool kids are knitting a few weeks ago and I even wore it to a wedding last weekend.

The ruana all the cool kids are knitting.

Yarn: Mountain Colors Merino Tape

Color: I have no idea. Varigated blues, purples, and some violet.

Needles: Denise size 9.

Pattern: Oat Couture Ruana

This was a really nice pattern. Very simple that lends itself well as a beginning shawl or a project for mindless knitting. One only needs to know how to increase, decrease, and yarn over. No purling necessary! I bought 3 balls of the Merino tape for a total of about 900 yards. I followed Rob’s advice on choosing what version of the pattern to knit. The pattern gave directions for knitting the ruana with worsted, chunky, and super chunky yarn. Since I didn’t want it too long, I bought a worsted weight yarn but followed directions for the super chunky version. The result was a very wearable shawl that drapes very nicely. Problem is, I only used 1.5 balls of yarn. Now what to do with the other ball and a half? Maybe a tank top!

Here’s two more picture for your viewing pleasure. knitting-group1.jpg
This one is of a few members of the Wednesday knitting group at Threadbear in Lansing. They gave a cheer for me when they found out about me passing the NCLEX. Here’s another one with Laura posing with her sock. laura-and-sock.jpgI’m so glad she’s got the sock done. I encouraged her to try sock knitting. Prior to knitting this sock, she had been knitting scarves. So yes my friends, you’re second successful project can be a sock. Way to go Laura! I’m sure Sharon (who’s sitting next to her in the picture) gave her lots of expert advice.
Well, I’ll let you know what Knit Picks says. Otherwise, it’s back to frogging and trying to figure out what to do with the yarn… What an anticlimatic end to a project!

November 1, 2006

A face only a mom can love

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I found this little costume at Target (Tar-shay for the fancy people) for $2.99. I know it is stupid to waste money on something this dumb but it was so cheap and Wendy does like a good costume. I put it on her at 2:30 when I got home from candy shopping and she had it on pretty much the whole night. My other doggie Waldo tried to bite it off but she bit his ear to protect her precious costume.

I didn’t have too many kids come to the house. But our cul de sac had the annual Halloween get together. Dinner consisteed of chilli, hot dogs, and brain jello. I brought chocolate fudge cupcakes with candy corn sprinkles. Yummy. I did get to pass out some candy. My favorite was the Whoppers and Peanut Butter Cups. Those are classic american candies that cannot be taken off supermarket shelves!

No knitting to show but I am making wonderful progress on the Oat Couture Ruana. It may be finished by the weekend. Does anyone have trouble with weaving in ends??? I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. Otherwise I’d have 4 FO’s to wear instead of 4 FO’s sitting in my closet.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween. If you celebrate Day of the Dead or All Saint’s Day today, have a good one. My parents are visiting family in the Philippines and are at the graveyard as we speak keeping my grandfather’s spirit company. In very Catholic countries like the Philippines, people bake special traditional goodies and cook special foods for the day. Then they bring them to the graveyard and kinda keep the spirt of your loved one company. It’s to honor the dead. Not for people who get creeped out by dead people. I think people in other countries have a different concept of death. I think in the US, people think of dead people as gross and death as a sad occassion. In the Philippines, people celebrate the life of their loved one on Day of the Dead. Check out this Day of the Dead KAL for some more info on the holiday from a Mexican prospective.

Thanks to all the people who wrote me about my NCLEX results.  It feels really good to be  done with this!!!