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October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

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I had a nice relaxing weekend. I didn’t do much except study. And knit! I didn’t finish anything but am THIS much closer to having 3 finished objects. I’m on the last legs of the Bird’s Nest shawl, the Ailbihn, and the Madaline bag that I’m knitting for my SO’s niece. That is a quick and easy gift project. I’ll post pics when I’m done… Probably sometime this week!

I did take a walk today and tried to take pictures of trees changing color. I wasn’t so successful. I’ve been told that it’s been a warm summer and fall; hence the lack of glorious red and gold trees. There are some on campus but I didn’t get that far.

This one is actually in my apartment complex. I’m going out to school tomorrow so I’ll try to get some pictures of this tree that almost looks as if it’s on fire.

Here is another curious lifeform that I don’t get to see much of in San Diego.

Huge catapillars! These things are everywhere! There are tons of stomped on catapillars all over the sidewalks. I wonder what kind of insects they’ll grow up to be.

And last but not least, I have in progress knitting pictures.

The Ailbilhn lives! It’s really a pretty scarf but it’s taking me forever. I plan on finishing this one off tonight while Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy are on.

This one is the Madeleine bag before felting. This is my first attempt at felting and I’ve heard that felting is hit or miss in terms of size. Fortunately, these are for little girls and they won’t care too much about size. Color is much more important to them. Anything pink or purple goes! You can find the pattern here

Have fun giving out treats to the little ones tomorrow. We’ll see how many kids make it over to this neck of the woods.


October 22, 2005

Sorta FO

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I had a rough week. I started clinicals at Oakwood hospital which is 85 miles one way from door to door. I only got to work with a patient for one of the two days I was there and my patient was this very sweet old lady. I couldn’t really do much… just made sure that she was comfortable and ordered her lunch. She hadn’t eaten for a week before I got there and lunch was her first meal. She was very excited for soup and an energy drink.

So I liked my clinical instructor and my patient. We’ll see how this week goes. What’s killing me now is the commute. We have to get to Dearborn by 7 am which is very close to Detroit. We’re fighting Detroit traffic so my carpool buddies and I have to leave by 5 am at the latest. And we barely get there in time. I drove on Wed and had brought my breakfast to eat when we got there. (It’s very hard to eat breakfast at 4 am) But we didn’t get there in time for me to eat it so I didn’t get to eat until 1 pm! I’m going to have to force myself to eat at 4:30 just incase that’s all I get to eat all morning. If I get to have more food later then great. And I haven’t been able to get much sleep because of this wicked commute. We had a full day of class on Thursday with a whole bunch of things due. Yesterday, I basically vegetated and tried to wind down. Unfortunately, I did the same today. Oh well, I still have the rest of the night to be productive and all of tomorrow. At least I washed my scrubs…

So what did I do yesterday??? Knit of course! Here’s the product of my downtime.

It’s the Kitty hat from S&B with no kitty ears. I tried knitting them but couldn’t get the placement right. I decided to stop for today since maybe I’m just not getting them right because I’m tired. I’ll try again tomorrow. But the basic hat shape is very cute too. I made it out of the Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I love the color but unfortunately hats look horrendous on me. Hence the absence of a pic of me wearing the hat. I’m sure I won’t care what I look like when the temp is -30 during the dead of winter. Caution, I bought the 3 skeins specified in the book. I only used a skein and a half. Hopefully Threadbear will let me return the lone skein. If not, I’ll buy another skein to make another one as a Christmas present.

October 17, 2005

The weekend was great!!!

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Although it might have been better for me to study, I took the weekend off! My boyfriend came to town to visit and I swore off studying until after he left. He left tonight and unfortunately, it’s my must see tv night. Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy kept me away from the books until about 11. So basically, I’m just doing some mindless reading of HIPPA and Infection Control in preparation for my clinicals. Which start on Tuesday. I’m both excited and scared all at the same time.

Anyway, my SO flew in on Thursday night, right after pharm. So I picked he up and we had dinner. Originally when we planned for him to visit, I had Friday off. But of course, being nursing students, we have to be flexible and Friday turned into a “Skills Blitz”. We had to demonstrate how to give injections, hook up an IV to a fake arm, transfer a patient, and give a bed bath. Now all these were done on a classmate but it is still nerve wracking considering we were only able to watch a video and were expected to perform. We spend more time on ethics than we do practicing injections right now! The instructors tell me that we’re supposed to get more practice during our clinical sessions. So, our schedule that we got earlier in the week said that we would be in this Skills Blitz from 9 to 12. Experience should tell me otherwise. And of course we got out of there closer to 3:30. My poor boyfriend ended up washing my car and running my poor friend and I over to Jimmy John’s for a sandwich. But after the Blitz, we went out with some friends of mine to Harper’s which is a bar.

The next day, we went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, AKA the UP. That was pretty fun. We saw the leaves changing color, which he misses being a Minnesota transplant to California. We were supposed to take the ferry over to Mackinac Island but being the big planners we are, neither one of us dressed for the weather. So we stayed on the mainland and just kinda drove around Mackinac City and a bit into the UP. In Lansing, it’s much milder than up in the UP. They must have some pretty brutal winters if it’s already so cold up there that I could bearly breathe.

Here are some pictures of the little road trip.

A pic of me and Matt in a “thicket”. He’s big on leaf colors but at this point in the trip, we didn’t see the colors that he was hoping for.

A picture of Mackinac Bridge which takes you from Mackinac City to the “UP”

We paid $0.50 for the privilege to climb up a hill to look out at Lake Huron(I think this is what it’s called?) What’s up with all these lakes anyways??? And then at the bottom of the cliff, there was a huge Paul Bunyon and his Ox.

I tried to post a picture of a ferry making it’s way back from Mackinac Island. But Blogger isn’t cooperating. Those ferries take passengers back and forth between the island in 16 minutes! Also, Mackinac City seems to have more than it’s fair share of fudge shops. Matt wanted to sample fudge in each of the shops. I had to restrain him. I’m sure if I wasn’t around, he’d have eaten 5 lbs of the stuff. I have to admit it was good but so sweet that my teeth ached after eating it.

Not much was knitted. I am trying to finish the Aihblinn. I have about 16 inches of the scarf done. The pattern says to knit the broken rib for about 24 inches. But I think that might be over doing it. I’ll stop at 20″. But then I’ll have a skein and a half left over. Maybe I’ll make a matching hat to go with the Aihblinn. Matt and I went to Threadbear to get some yarn to make some felted bags for his nieces. I’m going to make them both the Madeline purse which are tiny little purses perfect for holding your ID, a key, and a lipstick when you’re 21 or little treasures when your 5 and 6 like his nieces are. I’ll post pics of those. You’ll probably see them soon since they look like extremely quick knits. I also started a Kittyville hat from SnB. Threadbear had some Mission Falls 1824 wool in a lovely red color that I couldn’t resist the other week. That was also cast on. I think the only WIP that made it out was a stockinette hat. Oh well, as Rob from Threadbear says, “I change projects like I change underwear.”

October 8, 2005

It’s cold!!!

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I went outside this morning to walk to the gym in my apt complex. It is seriously cold right now. 46 degrees. This is about the same temperature as the coldest winter day in San Diego. For me, it almost hurts to breathe outside. I’m supposed to meet a classmate at the library in about an hour and I’m dreading the walk from my bus stop to the library. I think I may die here this winter.

I finally have a winter jacket. My mom bought it for me as a birthday present when she was visiting this week. But I don’t know if it will be warm enough to walk from class to the bus stop. It says that it is a “Triclimate” jacket which I’m guessing will be warm enough for this weather. What scared me is that I was able to wear this jacket in the store and not break a sweat. hmmm…

I had a really hard week. I had a test or two everyday, projects due and my parents were visiting from San Diego. I didn’t really get to study so much and it shows. I vow to get things done early, start studying way in advance for a test. I found out that I am a poor memorizer and need lots of repetition to get things into my head. I’m much more of a concept learner but when you have 2 hours to learn everything you need for a pharmacology test, it is much better to be a good memorizer. I didn’t do so well on my first pharm test. I basically have no hope to get an A but a B is doable and manageable. I will work to get a B. Maybe he’ll have extra credit? Wishful thinking.

Maybe I’ll get some knitting in this weekend. The new Knitscape is out and I want it pretty bad. Not that I’ll necessarily make something from it but I need something to cheer me up. Once I pick it up at Threadbear, I’ll write a review of the mag…

October 7, 2005

Another WIP-Aibhlinn!!!

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Ok… so I’ve had almost no time to knit over the past month and have 3 WIPS. What do I do 2 weekends ago? Go out to Threadbear and buy yarn to knit Aibhlinn. I justified the purchase by telling myself that I needed a cowl to fend off the quickly approaching winter.

And I have pictures!

I am using Cascade Sierra in a kinda gun metal grey color. I’ve never seen a gun but I think that’s what it looks like. The yarn knits up beautifully and I love the bobbles and swirly rib pattern. The pattern is available on Knitty!