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June 25, 2008

Baby Sky Socks

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I finished the pair. Yeah!!! These little baby versions are perfect for learning. Here are some pics:)

Very fun and quick knit. I had to do a little bit of figuring to get the right stitch counts using 4 instead of 5 DPN’s but it all worked out. I’ll be making more of these for practice. I hope I find a baby to gift these to.

My Ribby Cardigan is almost done. I just have to add the zipper band, seam it, and add a collar. But of course, to reward myself I have to cast on to something new today. I was thinking of Maggie’s Felt Tote by Fiber trends. Lots of straight mindless knitting for all the leftover wool that I have from previous projects:)


June 24, 2008

A quick project

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Here’s a few pics of Waldo modeling my latest half FO. It’s a baby sock from the New Pathways for Knitters book by Cat Bordhi. I’m following her suggestion of knitting baby versions of each of the architectures so I can learn them before progressing.

Please forgive the drunken look on my face. Camera flash tends to make my eyes blink prematurely and I get that dazed and confused look on my face. Trust me… this is the best one. At least Waldo looks good.

As for the sock, I am using On Your Toes. That bamboo/nylon blend I got at The Grove. Needles are Crystal Palace size 2 DPN’s. Can you believe it, I’m using DPN’s??? That almost never happens but Cat only gives directions for DPN’s and 2 circular needles. Since I don’t know how to knit in the round with 2 circs and I don’t have 2 circs of anything, I went to the default DPN’s I’m sure for the next socks, I’ll whip out the magic loop. It’s not exactly the gauge that Cat Bordhi calls for in this particular project but it will fit some newborn baby and my canine baby. As you can tell from the pictures though, Waldo is not a fan of socks.

I’m off to look up New Pathways on Ravelry to see if I can find finished projects. I want to be inspired!

June 12, 2008

Quick post: Icarus is done!

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Here are a few quick pictures. I’ll take more after Icarus is blocked. More details on Ravelry.

Enjoy! I finished it about 5 minutes before I left for my meetup group tonight.

June 11, 2008

Ahhh the simple things in life.

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the most happy. In my case today, it was eating super sweet cantelope for breakfast. I love cantelope season. And pineapple season. I could eat fruit all day.

My little dog Waldo gets left alone for a few hours at a time. When I go to work, he gets dropped off at my parents house so he isn’t left alone for too long. This morning, he looked so sad when I went to my Wednesday knitting group. So, I got him a little something to make up for the morning’s loneliness.
Waldo and the ball that never stops squeaking
Now this my friends is a ball that will keep any dog happy. It’s flexible rubber and it has an almost indestructible squeaker. We bought him one for one of his Christmas presents and he would spend hours squeaking it. And it’s sooo loud. He loves it. Then the squeaker stopped working. He still played with it and would work for hours trying to get it to squeak.

Notice, I said almost indestructible. Last week, Waldo finally bit thru the rubber and I had to throw it away. He would have kept playing with it but I didn’t want him to have a bowel obstruction. Matt said that he looked at the trashcan I threw it in for a while so he fished it out and gave it to him. I had to throw it out again. This time in the big trashcan never to be fished out again.

Now, Waldo is happily squeaking away. Funny how the simple things in life are what make us the happiest.

As for knitting, I’m on the home stretch. I’m on row 3 of the edging. Yeah!!! One and a half rows to go. I’m so excited. I’ll have it done this afternoon. I have to think what project to bring with me to my knitting group’s potluck tonight. Maybe I’ll revisit Ribbi Cardi.

June 6, 2008

Make room for my Fat Bottom

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bag that is…

I actually finished this project a few weeks ago. I’m not one for finishing, seaming, or in this case lining projects. Fortunately, my aunt who is in town visiting for a couple of weeks is an avid sewer. Introducing my finished FBB! In case you didn’t already know, the pattern comes from Debbie Stoller’s Happy Hooker book.

Yarn: Berroco Suede, 2 skeins
Hook: Size I, Susan Bates
Time to finish crocheting: 1 week in May

Fat Bottom Bag outside
Here is my FBB in the sunlight. I like this picture the best.
Indoor light
Here it is in indoor light.
And here’s a picture of the lining. I chose blue cause I wanted something very unexpected for this bag.
Blue lining

Thanks to my aunt for making this FO possible. I was actually thinking of taking this project to a tailor to get it finished. The handles are a la Michael’s. They have tons of bag handles and are very reasonably priced. If I had it to do all over again, I’d use “bamboo” handles to match the color better.

Thanks for looking:)

June 3, 2008

Someone keep me away from Amazon!!!

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Gosh, one of my favorite things is surfing online for new books. Amazon is particularly dangerous because you can look at something and have it on its way to your house in less than 5 clicks of a mouse. I seriously added to my knitting library this time.

I ordered Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Jeppson Hyde. She’s a really talented knitter. Her book has patterns for 12 circular shawls (which I haven’t ever done) and 4 scarves. All are really beautiful but I have a few of her beginner shawls in my queue such as the Julia’s Shawl, Bigfoot shawl, and the Concert scarf. All the patterns are accompanied by a personal story. I think that’s cool. I’ve always wondered how designers get their inspiration and you find out what Alison was thinking when she designed these beautiful shawls.

The second book I ordered, Knitting America is more of a coffee table type book detailing the history of knitting in America. I have just barely glanced through it but it has beautiful pictures of historical pieces and includes 20 patterns for items such as 1865 Union Army Socks and a baby soaker from the 1930’s. Knitting was so important to America. It astounds me how many people today think that knitting is the realm of old ladies. In this book everyone knit from little kids to men.

The next one I got is the first book from Crazy Aunt Purl. I plan on saving Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair for reading at work while I wait for babies to be born. There are patterns included. Some look really cute like the Devil Baby blanket and the Sexy Shawl.

Of course, I had to throw a classic in there like Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I have yet to knit anything from her books and I have 4 of them. I do want to knit the saddle shoulder sweater that she has in the book.

As for knitting, I’m still plugging away at my Icarus. I’m on row 11 of chart 3. So far, (knock on wood) I have had no reason to rip it back. Yeah. My stitch counts are on target this time and the shawl is getting bigger every day. Hopefully, I’ll have it done and be able to block it by the end of the week. Did anyone need blocking wires for this one? I don’t have any but I guess I can start doing my favorite thing. Search the net for a set.