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April 29, 2009

Crocheted scrubbie

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Here’s a few pictures of scrubbies that I made over the weekend. A woman in my fiber group crocheted these a few weeks ago and I decided that I needed to crochet some now. I had bought Crochet Today Mar/April a few weeks ago but got the Peaches and Cream yarn from Joann’s on Saturday. Lo and behold, I got totally addicted and this is the result.

Waldo as always looks so agreeable as my scrubbie model.

I’m still working on casting off my Feather and Fan shawl. It involves a crocheted cast off which when you have thousands of stitches is hell. Hopefully, I’ll have a picture at my next post. I picked out my next baby project. It’s the Tiramisu baby blanket and it’s crocheted. I guess I’m on a crochet kick right now.


April 7, 2009

The baby’s moving!!!

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I’m so excited to be feeling movement.  I started feeling things stir around in my belly in the past 2 weeks but chalked it up to other gastro functions.  But now I think it’s my baby!  My belly is now starting to look pregnant and I have to button my prepregnacy jeans underneath my belly so I’m just wearing maternity pants now.   I also started feeling some sciatica pain in my left butt.  So I signed up for a prenatal yoga class and the pelvic tilts and cat/cow move that I learned in class really helps.

The baby is feeling more and more real to me everyday.  I can’t wait for the baby to be here so I can love it.  But that means I need to start investigating car seats and strollers and all that kinda good stuff.  If anyone has any suggestions of brands that they loved, please let me know.

I started knitting my baby a “Little Lillie’s Sweater” by Cottage Creations.  I’ve knit 2 of them before for babies of friends and decided to knit one for my baby.  It’s out of varigated green Berroco Comfort that was gifted to me by my friend,Jen I think Berroco Comfort is awesome for baby knits. Soft, economical, and comes in crazy yardage. So I’m going to name this piece the leprechaun jacket. Or maybe St. Paddy’s Jumper. Or Mint Julip. It’s almost finished. Just one sleeve left to do. So I’ll wait until the knitting is done to show it off.

Have a great week everyone!