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October 31, 2006

I can now practice nursing on my own!

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I woke up and checked the California BON website as I have been doing hourly since Friday morning and found out the good news. Yeah!!! I’m officially a registered nurse. What will change right away at work is that I will be able to get narcotics out of Pixis and waste meds on my own. LOL… But this is the last “official” hurdle. I can’t believe my journey to becoming to a nurse was decided in 75 questions. Oh well. Whatever works.

I don’t work again until Thursday. What to do with myself until then??? I guess I’m going to have to knit!


October 30, 2006

I need baby patterns!!!

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No… not for me. I am not having a baby anytime soon.  But a friend is.  I’m excited because I can knit a baby present for a friend that I can actually see in person.  Yeah!!! All of my other baby things have been given to friends who live far away.  I need some suggestions for cute things please!  My friend does not know what the sex of her baby is yet.  I would love “Crumpets” for a little girl.  Soooo cute.
In other news, I still have no idea if I passed the NCLEX or not.  The CA licensing web site that one can use to check the status of your license is “Down for maintenance”.  What a bummer.  I’m dying of curiousity.

October 27, 2006

Introducing the new ipod in my life…

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I got one of those special edition ipods. You can see a picure here $10 of the proceeds go to helping to fight AIDS in Africa. So if you’re going to get an ipod this year, you might as well be fashionable and help a good cause at the same time.

I’m downloading songs into it and charging it right now. I can’t wait to play with it more! Maybe I’ll go out running more. I have to get a cool cozy to protect it. Maybe it will be knitted….

October 26, 2006

The NCLEX is over!!!

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For now anyway. Hopefully I passed. I scheduled my test at 8 am for this morning. I got there at 7:35 and was ushered into the test room w/in 5 minutes. Yikes. I didn’t even have time to drink my latte that I had bought 5 minutes before at Starbucks. Nothing was allowed in the room with you except a key for the locker they assigned you to put your things in and your drivers license. That you needed anytime you needed to leave and reenter the room.

So, I sit down and begin taking the test. I did get a lot of pharm questions but I also got a lot of prioritization questions. I had others but can’t remember their broad categories at this moment in time. They give you a white laminated sheet of paper to write on and boy did I fill that up. I decided that my “slow myself down” strategy would be to write the letter choices for each question down and play the elimination game. That didn’t slow me down very much though. I tend to have the pick it and move on strategy. I figure if I don’t know it as soon as I read the question, then it’s not worth thinking about. But that wouldn’t work with this type of test. You can’t leave any blank and you can’t go back to a question once you’ve answered it. So… I averaged about 1.5 minutes/question. Decent amount of time spent on a question. I work thru 75 questions just like this, thinking the whole time that as soon as the computer lets me take a break, I would so that I could go to the bathroom. And then poof! The computer screen goes blank. That means one of two things, I did spectacular on the test and the computer knew that I would make a competent and safe nurse but had to ask me 75 question cause that’s the minimum necessary to pass the NCLEX. Or that I sucked so bad that it knew at 75 questions that I had no chance of passing the NCLEX. I’m hoping for the first scenario.

I was done at 9:30. What to do with myself now??? I decided to destress by visiting Common Threads I picked up some sock yarn and another set of size 1 circs for magic loop knitting.

Knitting stash

Click the photo for the whole purchase.  One ball is for a pair of socks for me, the other two are to make a pair for Matt.  Yeah… Sock yarn.  I spent the rest of the morning knitting with the owners of the LYS and a nice lady who comes to Common Threads quite a bit.  I found out that a bunch of knitters meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month to knit together.  I think I’ll go to the next one.  Yeah… a knitting group.  I’m excited.

October 24, 2006

I love learning new things

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Yesterday I picked up a sock that hadn’t been knitted on for at least a month.  The last time I touched it was in the ER when I was waiting to be seen.  I lost a needle while I was there bringing me down to 3 needles which is a no go for knitting in the round.  I tried hard but couldn’t pick up all the stitches I needed to pick up for the gusset.  So… a while back I bought size 0 and 1 addi’s in 32″ length to do magic loop.  But I never put the sock on the needles because I was scared.  Scared that I wouldn’t get it and scared that I bought long circs (which I hate for regular knitting cause they get in my way.) for nothing.  But I looked at that lonely sock on my dpn’s and decided to just go for it.  Turns out I had nothing to be scared of.  It’s just like knitting on DPN’s except you have to move the cable back and forth between your knitting.  So… if anyone is fearing magic loop, don’t.  It’s not as bad as it looks.  But I still love my DPN’s.  I just hate haven’t to buy more when I lose just one.

October 23, 2006

I taught 2 more knitting fiends

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Two of my friends came over last Friday night. We had a great time catching up and we had yummy indian food for dinner. Afterwards, I suggested getting Cold Stone icecream and coming back to the house. As I pulled out my knitting, one of my friends said, “Teach me how to knit. I want to knit fingerless gloves.” I was shocked and surprised but pulled out some scrap yarn and my Denise needle set. I started him out on size 10s on some leftover Lorna’s Butterflies and Lamb. (leftover from my Clapotis). He learned how to cast on and do the knit stitch. He was so excited that my other friend wanted to cast on and knit. The excitement was so high we had to make a trip to Michael’s to get some needles and yarn. I would have taken them to a LYS and got them more addicted but it was 8 pm and the only place to get that yarn at that time of night was Michael’s. So… I did my duty in spreading the joy of knitting.

Here’s another doggie picture since I don’t have any knitting done.  I tried to post the full size picture but it was cut in half and you couldn’t get the full effect.   I was washing the sheets and all my “Kids” were needing a nap. Both my dogs enjoy snuggling. Awww… Sorry Kristi, no dogs wearing handknits. I’ll do that very soon though. Stay tuned for Halloween. My Wendy is going to be a ladybug!


October 19, 2006

A finished “Somewhat Cowl”

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That’s right… I finished something. Yeah!!! This WIP was started sometime in the spring back in Michigan and has gone thru many froggings. But it is finally done and I love it.
Knit and Tonic’s “Somewhat Cowl”

Please forgive the messy desk and the fact Cowl is not blocked or the ends woven in. I was so excited to have the knitting done. I actually did put a bra on and try to get a pic with it on but it wasn’t quite right because the neck of the Cowl wasn’t tacked down. Next time.

Pattern: “Somewhat Cowl” byKnit and Tonic
Needles: Size 4 Addi Turbos for the main body and Size 2 for the ribbing
Yarn: Elann brand Endless Summer (?) I bought it so long ago, I don’t have the labels anymore. It’s mercanized cotton so it has a sheen to it. My only complaint would be that it was very splitty. And the color isn’t the most flattering on my brown skin. If I made it again, I’d have to go with something more my color. Maybe a deep blue or magenta?

So… since I have one project off the needles, I need another project. I bought the new “Ariann” pattern by Chicknits which can be foundhere. And I bought some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit it in. So maybe that one. I’m actually proud of myself. The only WIPS I have are the 2nd sock of a ribbed pair, a sweater that I’m working on for Matt (it’s a pattern in the summer IK), and the ribbed neck for Ms. Marigold.  Whoopee!!! That’s a record.  Oh wait, I forgot the Ruana all the cool kids are knitting.  So 4.

I have the day off so that will be spent reviewing for the NCLEX.  Maybe I’ll hit Target (aka Tarshay… for all the cool people).  I need to  get a clipboard for work and just browse around.  In nursing news, I started 4 IV’s yesterday and pulled out 2 central lines.  I feel like my floor’s IV nurse.  But at least I get lots of practice.

October 17, 2006

Don’t you hate it when…

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it feels like you’re going to run out of yarn. I’m working on the Oat Couture Ruana (the one I’m calling “the ruana all the cool kids are knitting”) and I’m almost done with the right front piece. I chose a worsted weight yarn but knitting on the bulky weight yarn directions as suggested byRob. The sample that I saw in his shop over the summer was huge on me. I’m so short I should have gotten away with knitting it the way he suggested. The pattern calls for 980 yards of bulky weight yarn. So, I got 4 skeins of this Mountain Colors merino ribbon that had 245 yards. Just enough to knit it. But I’m getting nervous… It’s a handpainted yarn so even if Threadbear had more of it, I don’t know if I’d get the same dye lot. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

In other news, it’s getting down to the wire on the NCLEX prep. It’s next week and I’m furiously studying. Can’t you tell? But it’s hard working and studying at the same time. Keep your fingers crossed for this too.

I always have an interesting time at work. I wish I could post about it here but I wonder if that would be against HIPPA laws. Maybe if I change the circumstances and not mention names. I did have a really good moment when I worked on Sunday. I discharged a patient to go home who had been in the hospital for 2 days. I had taken care of him on Saturday and Sunday and when I shook his hand and wished him luck, he asked me to bend down and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that he wished me luck on my test because I’m going to be a great nurse. My heart swelled that day and made me glad that I was his nurse. So… there was nothing in here about what was wrong with him or what his treatment was or even who he was. I hope I’m covered.:) If anyone knows if this violates any laws, let me know.

October 13, 2006

Lovely lacy socks

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Yeah!!! They are fini!
two lovely lacy socks
This is to prove that two are actually finished.
Waldo and my socks!
Waldo loves wool. And these socks are no exception!
Pattern: “Simply lovely lacy socks” –> Interweave Knits Spring 2006
Needles: Clover bamboo DPNs, size 0.
Yarn: Opal Pearl in Pink. Just like the magazine 🙂
Comments: I didn’t do the picot edge, mainly because I couldn’t get it to look right. So I used the ribbed cuff instead. I think they’re still lovely. Sorry for the yellow lighting. Maybe I’ll take some pictures in tomorrow’s daylight. The pattern itself is a very simple lacy pattern, very easy to remember. It’s perfect for a beginning sock knitter who has already knit a pair of socks. I loved everything about this project, the pattern and the yarn. I may try this again using the magic loop method.

My doggies are the cutest. Here is one more picture for your enjoyment. Again, sorry for the yellow lighting. Wendy and Waldo are spending the night here with me and found their way under the covers. Isn’t it funny how dogs love snuggling underneath the covers.


Well, it’s 2 weeks until my big test. One of my friend’s told me that she got questions on erectile dysfunction drugs. Now if the whole point of the NCLEX is to make sure that I’m a safe nurse, what does erectile dysfunction drugs have to do with that. Oh well, back to studying! Or maybe watch ER….

October 7, 2006

I got my hair cut

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I got some pampering today. I saw my friend Angie who gave me a hair cut. She does great hair styles! Of course, it’s all flat now cause that’s what my hair does soon after styling but it still looks ok. I am going to have to blow dry my new do. We’ll see how long that lasts. But here’s a pic for you to look at.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I also got my eyebrows waxed. Yeah!!! I don’t feel like a man anymore!!!

I almost have the Somewhat Cowl done. I actually cast off when the cowl measureed 4″ but didn’t like how it looked. So I looked at the directions and it said that I needed to make it 6″ and then sew the edge down. I learned a valuable lesson. Read the pattern.

I started the Ruana that all the cool kids in Lansing are knitting right now.

I bought the yarn back at Threadbear. I believe it is handpainted Mountain Colors. I don’t have the label anymore but I think it’s the wool ribbon. It’s quite fun to knit with. Lots of purple tones with a sprinkling of blue and plum mixed in for good measure.

And here are pictures of the Lovely Lacy Socks from Interweave Knits

This one is a progress picture of the second sock. I’m knitting the instep right now.

This last picture is the complete first sock. Oh… I almost have a pair of the lovely lacy socks. I knit them in this pretty pink Opal Peal that I got at Woven Art in East Lansing. I discovered this LYS late in my stay in East Lansing but it is a cute shop. I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner. Everytime I went in there was some kind of knit together or book club going on. Very homey and highly recommended.

And for the record. I cannot figure out how wordpress posts pictures. I upload files and I don’t get the dialog box that the “Help” says that I’m supposed to get. It just gives me options to link the picture to the file, page, and none.  It’s supposed to give me options to display a thumbnail or the picture itself and I don’t see how to do that.  So to give you these pictures, I had to upload to photobucket and copy links.  If anyone has figured out how to post pics using WordPress, please let me know!