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September 24, 2006

You Tube

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I know tons of people post about You Tube and how entertaining it is… yada yada yada. I personally think there are some hilarious video clips posted on You Tube.  Here’s one that is knitting related.  The Last Knit.  Enjoy!


September 20, 2006

My IP has been issued!

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Oh… I was so excited to see that the California Board of Nursing issued my interim permit this morning.  A graduate nurse needs to have an IP in order to practice in CA.  Other states have different rules and my friends back in MI are able to practice without this IP business.  Until I got one, I had to work as a nursing assistant/tele tech.  So… starting tomorrow, I’ll get to do nursing tasks.  Yeah!!! I’m so excited.  The other exciting thing is that I’ll get paid more.  The graduate nurse salary is 2x as much as a nursing assistant.  I needs the cash bad.  It’s tough living like a starving student even when you’re not one anymore.

No knitting has been accomplished since my last post:( I’ve been mostly studying for the NCLEX.  I started Kaplan review courses last Monday and I still have to study for my EKG test next week.  Yikes!  I’ll have to interpret EKG strips and I haven’t even started studying yet… Better get my nose back into those books!

September 16, 2006

I learned something new!

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Magic loop! I got sick of buying DPN’s. After reading Kristi’s blog about her experience with Magic loop, I had to try it. My Somewhat Cowl needed the sleeves knit in the round, so I tried ML on that. It worked like a champ! Yeah!!! Now I need to get circular needles in longer lengths…

September 13, 2006

I went to the ER!

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As a patient, not a nurse! A woman backed her cute little Mini Cooper into my car. I guess she saw a space and decided to get it as fast as possible. So she slammed on her gas to get it. Unfortunately, I was following her. I had a few car lengths of distance between the two of us but that didn’t matter. She smacked me pretty hard. No dents in the car but my neck was hurting during class so I went to the ER afterwards. Turns out, this woman is a nurse at Sharp and she was in the same EKG class that I was taking. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy and was probably giving her the evil eye.

So… I got to experience the Sharp ER. The wait was long. I waited from 2:30 to about 5 pm to get seen. The diagnosis? Whiplash… big surprise. I got out of there at 8:30 pm. Then I had to go get the prescriptions filled. I had a long day that wasn’t supposed to be long. I was treated by a nurse practitioner and she was pretty cool. The nurses there were also nice. The only bad thing was that I had to wait so long. Wait!!! One other thing. I lost a DPN in the waiting room. I lost a size 1 bamboo. Instead of going crazy like some of the patients in the waiting room, I went to my car get my ribbed sock that I was working on. I guess I’ll have to go to Common Threads to get another set!

I feel ok today. I have the next two days off then I have class on Friday. I don’t have to go back on the floor until 9/23! Yeah!!! I’d been working as a CNA because my temporary license is not in yet. That would be very hard on my back. The NP wrote me a note saying that I cannot lift anything for the next 7 days. I was sooo looking forward to working out too… haha…

September 8, 2006

Nascar racing

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I spent Sunday at the Nascar races in Fontana, CA. It was fun. It was hot, hot, hot. Did I mention hot??? On the news later that night, I found out that it was 105 that day just outside and 128 on the track itself. It was a dry heat… but at that temp who cared???

Even though I sweated my butt off (and I’m usually Miss Freezing Cold), I had a good time. Matt picked up 2 extra tickets so that my friend Elsie and her son could go with us. Elsie and I sat in the air conditioned Sony tent drinking cold beer while Matt and Malcolm went down to the track before the races. Matt is really good with my friend’s son and I’m so glad that he is. He’s going to be a really good dad one day. In case you were wondering, Sony sponsored the race. Unfortunately, the race car they sponsored finished near the bottom of the line up.

I’m experimenting with pictures and found out that the “Using thumbnail” option doesn’t work for Mozilla.  Anyone else have that problem?  It works fine in IE though.  So I guess I’ll use that for right now even though I had IE.

nascar-040.jpgHere’s me and Matt at the races.  They had a sand castle thing.

Here’s Malcolm and some sea lions.  A rescue group brought two sea lions all the way to Fontana to raise money for rehabilitation.  Now, I love animal charities as much as the next person but I thought it was cruel to make these animals perform in a tiny tank in 100 + degree heat.  None the less, Malcolm loved it.

Malcolm and the kissing sea lions

Still knitting.  I’m super slow these days cause I’m busy settling in my new job.  I actually have to work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in addition to going to class next week.  Yikes!!! I hardly have time to study.  I’m trying to get my Ms. Marigold done before I cast on for anything else.  The second sock of the Lovely Lacy sock is coming along.  I’ll probably finish it next week.  Now that I understand the picture thing, I’ll post more knitting pics!

September 2, 2006

My first WordPress post!

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So… I’m having trouble with Blogger. And I heard many people are switching over to Word Press with success. So here I am… learning how to use it.