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October 26, 2006

The NCLEX is over!!!

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For now anyway. Hopefully I passed. I scheduled my test at 8 am for this morning. I got there at 7:35 and was ushered into the test room w/in 5 minutes. Yikes. I didn’t even have time to drink my latte that I had bought 5 minutes before at Starbucks. Nothing was allowed in the room with you except a key for the locker they assigned you to put your things in and your drivers license. That you needed anytime you needed to leave and reenter the room.

So, I sit down and begin taking the test. I did get a lot of pharm questions but I also got a lot of prioritization questions. I had others but can’t remember their broad categories at this moment in time. They give you a white laminated sheet of paper to write on and boy did I fill that up. I decided that my “slow myself down” strategy would be to write the letter choices for each question down and play the elimination game. That didn’t slow me down very much though. I tend to have the pick it and move on strategy. I figure if I don’t know it as soon as I read the question, then it’s not worth thinking about. But that wouldn’t work with this type of test. You can’t leave any blank and you can’t go back to a question once you’ve answered it. So… I averaged about 1.5 minutes/question. Decent amount of time spent on a question. I work thru 75 questions just like this, thinking the whole time that as soon as the computer lets me take a break, I would so that I could go to the bathroom. And then poof! The computer screen goes blank. That means one of two things, I did spectacular on the test and the computer knew that I would make a competent and safe nurse but had to ask me 75 question cause that’s the minimum necessary to pass the NCLEX. Or that I sucked so bad that it knew at 75 questions that I had no chance of passing the NCLEX. I’m hoping for the first scenario.

I was done at 9:30. What to do with myself now??? I decided to destress by visiting Common Threads I picked up some sock yarn and another set of size 1 circs for magic loop knitting.

Knitting stash

Click the photo for the whole purchase.  One ball is for a pair of socks for me, the other two are to make a pair for Matt.  Yeah… Sock yarn.  I spent the rest of the morning knitting with the owners of the LYS and a nice lady who comes to Common Threads quite a bit.  I found out that a bunch of knitters meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month to knit together.  I think I’ll go to the next one.  Yeah… a knitting group.  I’m excited.


August 8, 2006

I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali…

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I have this dumb rap song in my head that I remember from when I was a kid. I don’t even know who did the song… But it echos my excitement to be heading back to California. I hate it when people call California, Cali. Grates on my nerves like nothing else!

But there are things I will miss about Michigan. Here’s a list…

  1. My friends at school. I made tight circle of friends in the nursing program. I think we all bonded at the ridiculousness of some of the things that went on in the program. That and I carpooled about an hour and a half to clinical with some of these folks
  2. Threadbear. This place is the coolest store for knitters. You can knit to your hearts content in the air conditioning and have great conversations with the staff and other knitters. There’s always something going on to keep you interested. Hi to my Wednesday knitting buddies!
  3. Green trees. We don’t have many trees that are naturally green in San Diego. Not enough moisture in the air or something….
  4. Ice cream. Although Lansing is definitely lacking good Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants, one cuisine that they excell in is ice cream. My favorite is Melting Moments Grand Marnier. Yum… have to get me some of that before I leave.
  5. Parks and lakes. There’s a park or lake practically every 2 or 3 miles in Michigan. The lakes are cool cause there are tons of ducks and other birds playing in the water… But the lakes are also on my list of things I won’t miss about Michigan.
  6. Proximity to Chicago. Chicago is one cool town. And Lansing is only 4 hours away by train if it’s on time.
  7. Cheap gas. Michigan has gas prices that were in CA about a year ago. Gotta love it on my student budget.
  8. Snow. It is really pretty as long as I don’t have to walk around or drive in it.

The things I won’t miss about Michigan list

  1. The weather. It sucks! It’s either so cold it hurts to breathe or it’s so hot I don’t want to move. There are only a few days in the spring and fall that are perfect for me. Too bad it’s not like the perfect days most of the time. I’m definitely not a season’s kinda girl. I think I’ve gained about 10 lbs since moving here because the weather doesn’t cue me to be active. I can’t wait until I can start walking and talking yoga/pilates class again.
  2. The nursing program at MSU. It was disorganized and the lead faculty of my program was the most unprofessional I’d ever met. She’s an example of a nurse I’d never want to turn into.
  3. The lake behind my apartment. Even though it was home to cute ducks in the daytime, at night the ducks became the bane of my existance. They honked and quacked all night long. I don’t think I’ve had a decent night’s sleep since I moved here last August.
  4. Mosquitoes. With the warmer weather and rain, came the mosquitos. I never knew I was allergic to mosquitos until I moved here. They seem to swarm around me and eat me alive. To top it off, I swell so bad when I get bites that if I get them on my ankles, I can’t put shoes on. The last mosquito bite I got was on my eyelid. It was so swollen that my eye shut for about a day. Needless to say, bug spray became my friend.
  5. My old roommate. She was horrible. I will never live with another roommate who isn’t my friend ever again.

Well, the big drive starts next week. My graduation is on Friday. My parents are flying in to Detroit tomorrow night. Yea!!! I still have a final I have to take tomorrow morning and I’m supposed to be studying right now. Oh well, my goal is just to pass anyway… I’m in no danger of failing. After the final, my parents and I are driving over to Niagara Falls for 2 days then I start driving on August 15 with the SO. Two weeks of driving in the car= no fun. We will get to see things like Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore so it can’t be all bad.

My knitting group is doing a little party for me today since it’s the last time I’ll be able to go by the shop. Sniff, sniff… I’m really going to miss them. I’ll post pictures in the future.