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July 27, 2009

Still waiting…

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The little one is officially “term” now meaning that I’ve basically completed 37 weeks of pregnancy and the baby can come at any time now.  Yeah!!! The little one has decended into my pelvis so I feel that heaviness when I stand up.  Getting into a sitting or standing position from lying in bed is a bit of a struggle now since I feel so big but I’m still enjoying my pregnancy.  I do have “false” contractions pretty much constantly now but they aren’t uncomfortable.  I’m not really anxious for the baby to come yet.  Still enjoying feeling the baby move around.  Although he/she does throw some pretty powerful kick to the ribs every now and then.

Pregnancy has been very kind to me.  The only pregnancy symptom that I’ve experienced was heartburn.  And one or two Tums took care of that.  Now that I’m having some false labor, I do feel some back cramping but a walk or a back rub takes care of that.  Here are some of the reasons why I love being pregnant.

  • Feeling your baby kick/move is amazing.
  • I marvel at the changes in my body.
  • I’ve been taking much better care of myself in terms of eating good food.  It is harder to eat as much and honestly I think I eat less than I did pre-baby.  This baby sits on my stomach making me fuller much faster.  So the food I do eat has to have lots of nutrition packed in.  In fact, I’m surprised that I managed to gain my 20 pounds.  But I guess your body just knows what to do to make your baby healthy.
  • People are nice to you.  People in grocery stores help you with your groceries.  Strangers ask you about your baby.  Since I don’t know the sex of the baby, I get tons of predictions.  I know some women feel annoyed when others ask about there pregnancy or people want to touch their stomachs but I find it fun.  Maybe it is because people didn’t think I was pregnant until I was about 7 months along.  But now, I get people saying that I look beautiful pregnant.  When I wasn’t pregnant, the only one who told me that was my hubby.  For me, pregnancy is a big self confidence booster.
  • Taking walk on these warm summer nights with my hubby.  It’s our alone time where we have fun talking about anything.  His favorite topic is house buying.  Mine is baby clothes.   The baby likes it too.  I feel tons of kicks/tickles when we walk.
  • I get to knit/crochet baby things!

Things I don’t like about being pregnant:

  • Fatigue: enough said.  Now that the baby is very active especially at night, I’ve adopted a vampire sleeping schedule.  But I’m just grateful that the baby is kicking and moving.  A little sleep deprevation is worth knowing that my baby is ok.
  • heartburn
  • Lack of clothing choices.  I have 2 pairs of pants that I like to wear and a pair of shorts.  I have more options with tops but I just don’t feel like I should buy anymore especially since my pregnancy is almost done.
  • Waiting: Although I’m not chomping at the bit for the baby to come, I do want to know what the baby will be like.

I am still knitting and crocheting constantly.  My Hanami stole is literally at the finishing gate.  I have a few more stockinette rows before I can bind off.  I think I’m going to meet my original goal of having this project done before the baby makes it’s appearance.  I am making a crocheted blanket that is in the shape of a star.  It’s green and white and also almost done.  I started on a pair of socks using my souvenier yarn from SLO at Stitch N Pitch last Sunday but didn’t like the yarn/pattern combo.  The yarn was just too busy colorwise for the Froot Loop pattern which is available on Knitty.  You couldn’t see the Froot Loops.  So I’m knitting a very simple pattern called “Sweet socks” by Jenn Nevitt.  It’s mostly stockinette stitch with two cables running down the sides of the sock.  Very simple but I think it suits the yarn much better.

Well, time to go grocery shopping.  I need to have something for lunch before I go into my weekly doctor’s appointment.  I’m making some roasted veggies on the grill for dinner tonight.  Potatoes, corn, asparagus, mushrooms.  Yum… gotta use those in season veggies that are available right now.


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  1. I dearly loved being pregnant, even though I was very ill. Do your best to enjoy every moment; it’s such a short period of time in your life. And you are beautiful!

    Comment by Suzanne (Yarnhog) — July 28, 2009 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

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