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February 23, 2009

I can barely contain my excitement… Stitches West, Here I come!

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I think the title says it all. I’m leaving for Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA on Thursday and coming back on Sunday. Yippee!!! I’m a Stitches virgin so I’m sure I’ll have tons of pics and stories to share. (Hopefully, that last sentence won’t attract unsavory types to leave me comments.) I’m super excited for the Market of course. But I’m not going to go overboard. My plan is to just buy things that I can’t otherwise get at my LYS or easily online.

I’m taking 3 classes, a hairpin lace class, steeking, and a sock class. Fun stuff. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with classes. For those who haven’t perused the Stitches site, you can take 24 hours of classes in the “Works” option. I thought that might be a bit much especially the first time. It might have been fun to do that many classes if I had a buddy going with, but I don’t know anyone else who is going. Luckily I have friends who live in the area who I can hang out with when I get out of the convention center.

Look forward to a full report next week complete with pictures!



  1. I soooo wanted to go, but am already taking time off soon for a wedding. The classes you picked sound perfect, too!

    Comment by Knitters Delight — February 23, 2009 @ 6:55 pm | Reply

  2. I’d love to go myself. There’s another San Diego knitblogger I know going; maybe you know her, too: http://theknittingdance.blogspot.com/.

    Comment by Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) — February 23, 2009 @ 11:23 pm | Reply

  3. Have fun Gail! I am gonna try to go next year…

    Comment by Jennifer H. — February 24, 2009 @ 2:56 am | Reply

  4. Hi. I came across your blog when I did a google image search for “junior bridesmaid dress”. Your junior bridesmaids and you are gorgeous and I love the tops of their dresses (the only part showing in the pic). Where did you get the dresses? Do you have a picture of the entire dress? I am searching for something tasteful and cute for my nieces (10 & 12 years old) for my wedding in June. I can have a seamstress copy a dress from a photo. I just love the gathers and the slight scoop of the neckline of your dresses. thank you so much!

    Comment by Kerri — March 6, 2009 @ 5:31 pm | Reply

    • Hi Kerri,

      I had my Jr Bridesmaids get their dresses at David’s bridal. Very reasonable prices probably less than what you could get a dressmaker to make it for.

      Comment by yarnnut — March 8, 2009 @ 11:25 pm | Reply

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