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July 4, 2008

I’ve been busy…

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Matt is in Japan for the week and I’ve been working quite a bit for the last month or so. Last pay period, I had 92 hours! My usual is 72 hours for a 2 week period. I need the money for our wedding.

I’ve had many interesting patients in the past few weeks. I had one patient who had rings on and was scheduled for a tubal ligation after her baby was born. When I inherited her, I saw the rings, complemented them, and explained the hospital’s policy on jewelry in the OR which is no jewelry allowed. She exclaimed, “They’ve been stuck on for the past 3 months.” I was told that patients can have their rings on as long as they know in a circulatory emergency, they will be cut off. I explained that to my patient and she said that she understood.

A few minutes later, her baby’s heart rate faded in and out of the monitor. I ran into the room to put her back on and found her sitting on the edge of the bed with her husband trying to take her rings off. He had his foot on the bed to brace himself and he was really going at it. He used some lotion as a lubricant and was successful in getting 2 out of the 3 rings off her fingers. The last one was stubborn. So I got the bright idea to use the water based lube that we use at the hospital for cervical exams. I offered a packet to the husband and he tried it. He got the ring off and exclaimed, “I can’t believe that I used vagina cream to get the ring off. ” That one had me laughing for the rest of the afternoon.

Even though I’ve been working a lot, I’ve also been knitting a lot. My Icarus is finally blocking. I threaded the blocking wires thru the required stitches. It took forever… I thought I was going to lose my mind so I threaded the wires thru every other stitch. Hopefully, it blocks ok.

I have finished the knitting for the Ribby Cardigan. All that is left is finishing… What a surprise. That will probably be on the back burner for a while. Oh gosh.. there is a zipper. I might get it done in time for Christmas.

I decided that after the Icarus, I needed something extremely mindless. So I cast on for Maggie’s felted tote by Fiber Trends. It’s essentially a garter stitch square with picked up stitches around the square. I didn’t follow the striping sequence specified in the pattern. I used Paton’s Classic Wool that I had in my stash. This is a great stash busting project. I was knitting on this project when I met with a new knitting group that met at a wine bar called Mellow at Liberty Station. Now that’s my kinda knitting group. If you’re interested in going and need details, let me know.

Surprisingly, the part that pissed me off the most is the I-cord handles. It took me several tries. So… does that make me an idiot? So this project is basically done. The handles are about 50% done. Then I have to felt.

I got tired of the bag so I cast on for Broadripple socks. The pattern is very easy to memorize. And I’m moving along.

And here’s Waldo modeling the sock.

Speaking of Waldo, he had surgery on Wednesday to remove a mass that was on his chest. The vet doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about but we’re getting it biopsied just in case. He has the hardest time at the vet. His vet is this really sweet woman who’s been taking care of him since she got out of vet school. Waldo had a different vet when he was a baby and maybe he wasn’t as nice as Dr. H. He trembles whenever we even get near the parking lot so you can imagine what a mess he was when I dropped him off for surgery. I had to get him in the cage and I could hear him whining when I left the room. My heart sank into my chest. I imagine that this is what moms feel like when they drop off their children for their first day of kindergarten.

I have a few pictures of Waldo and his love for wool. Whenever I knit with it, he cuddles up to it and uses it as a pillow. I think if Waldo had thumbs and longer arms, he’d be a knitter. LOL.



  1. Waldo’s a cutie. Which vet do you use? We’ve been looking for a good one forever. Right now, we only go to the emergency vet on Poway Rd. because one of the vets there is great, but they’re only open nights and weekends (and more expensive than a regular vet).

    Comment by Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) — July 4, 2008 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

  2. My kitties are pretty terrified of the vet, too, even though our vet is very nice — I guess it’s just a scary place to go (with all sorts of scared animal sounds and smells).

    The ring story cracked me up (though I know it gave you a bit of a fright before you figured out what was going on) 🙂 I love Waldo’s Broadripple “hat”!

    Comment by Octopus Knits — July 4, 2008 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

  3. Waldo looks so cute in this picture. Can’t wait to see your shawl after it has been blocked. The tote is coming along well, too. Happy 4th!

    Comment by Susan — July 4, 2008 @ 10:38 pm | Reply

  4. Hi!

    I just came accross your blog, I do all of the promotions and special events at MELLOW, a wine bar in Liberty Station. Jessica, one of our staff members coordinated the knitters, and we would love to do it on a weekly basis. Our first knitting party was in correspondence with our Tuesday tasting event, and may continue to do so 😉 I will keep you posted, I look forward to seeing you down at the bar soon!

    Nikole Atterholm

    Comment by Nikole Atterholm — July 7, 2008 @ 5:13 pm | Reply

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