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June 11, 2008

Ahhh the simple things in life.

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the most happy. In my case today, it was eating super sweet cantelope for breakfast. I love cantelope season. And pineapple season. I could eat fruit all day.

My little dog Waldo gets left alone for a few hours at a time. When I go to work, he gets dropped off at my parents house so he isn’t left alone for too long. This morning, he looked so sad when I went to my Wednesday knitting group. So, I got him a little something to make up for the morning’s loneliness.
Waldo and the ball that never stops squeaking
Now this my friends is a ball that will keep any dog happy. It’s flexible rubber and it has an almost indestructible squeaker. We bought him one for one of his Christmas presents and he would spend hours squeaking it. And it’s sooo loud. He loves it. Then the squeaker stopped working. He still played with it and would work for hours trying to get it to squeak.

Notice, I said almost indestructible. Last week, Waldo finally bit thru the rubber and I had to throw it away. He would have kept playing with it but I didn’t want him to have a bowel obstruction. Matt said that he looked at the trashcan I threw it in for a while so he fished it out and gave it to him. I had to throw it out again. This time in the big trashcan never to be fished out again.

Now, Waldo is happily squeaking away. Funny how the simple things in life are what make us the happiest.

As for knitting, I’m on the home stretch. I’m on row 3 of the edging. Yeah!!! One and a half rows to go. I’m so excited. I’ll have it done this afternoon. I have to think what project to bring with me to my knitting group’s potluck tonight. Maybe I’ll revisit Ribbi Cardi.


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