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February 1, 2008

Interesting quiz….

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I was watching the evening news and they covered the presidential race. Who’s still in the running, who’s not, who supports what, who’s spouse is messing up their campaign… etc, etc. ThenChannel 8 news did a profile on a company who put up a website that I thought was fun. Check out On the issues. You answer 20 questions and it comes up with a candidate that matches most closely with you’re opinion on several issues like economics, personal freedoms, ya know all the biggies. There is also a section that matches your political beliefs to celebrities. Ya know I’m heading over to that one right now.

On the news, they had a woman who was bipartisan who was leaning towards Hillary. She ended up being matched up with Rudy Giulianni! How funny. Then another guy thought he was most like Huckelbee and he was surprised that the quiz matched him up with McCain. He almost poop’d his pants when he saw that result.

Really kids… it’s all in fun but I thought someone might get a kick out of it too. In case your kinda wondering, I’m going crazy sitting at home.


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  1. I’m sorry you’re going crazy. It stinks when you have all this great time and you’re too sore, tired, uncomfortable to enjoy it. Hopefully soon – Karrie

    Comment by Karrie — February 1, 2008 @ 3:28 am | Reply

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