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August 6, 2007

Update on the ring.

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So… I have good news. Royal Caribbean is going to handle the return of my ring to Diamonds International. I sent the ring off and they have it in their hands. A sigh of relief has left my body.

The bad news is I had my other ring appraised. I paid $3800 for it and it appraised for $1855. I also found out that the yellow diamonds that were supposedly natural are actually heat treated.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, any gem stones that have been treated must be disclosed to the customer at the time of sale.  So in addition to duping me into buying this ring of less value than they said, they have committed fraud.  Goodmark jewelry who I bought it from says that they will not honor their policy of refunding the difference because I did not have it appraised by GIA, EGL, or one other gem lab.  They also are telling me that the stones are indeed genuine.  No where in my documentation do I have proof that the diamonds are natural.  I had called each of the labs prior to contacting Goodmark and they told me they do not do appraisals only gem certifications.  Appraisals assign a monetary value to a piece while certifications only verify whether you have a natural stone or not.  When I informed Goodmark that their receipt is erroneous for saying that they will only accept appraisals from GIA, EGL, etc., they said that they will not accept appraisals from a GIA certified appraiser.  Only a gemologist employed at GIA.   Errr… why won’t they listen to me???

As I feared, I will have to contact the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.  They are a group that tries to keep the jewelry industry clean.  My appraiser suggested that this would be a hard fight.  Now I don’t even want the ring.  I want my money back because they are basically lying to me.   Hopefully, the JVC can help me.  Again… I repeat… Do not ever buy jewelry from a place that says you must have one of the labs appraise your ring before they will take it back.  That is false.  In fact, do not buy jewelry from any store that you cannot travel back to.  The next time I buy a piece, I will support the local mom and pop stores that will take the piece back if it does not match specifications as determined by an unbiased appraiser.  If there is anyone with any legal advice, I’d sure appreciate it.  I hope next time I buy something big, I won’t be so dumb.  I think when you’re on vacation, you tend to lose your mind and do things you normally wouldn’t do at home.



  1. Would it do any good to contact the better business bureau in the town where the jeweler is located or perhaps the Alaska consumer protection unit?

    Comment by sarah-hope — August 7, 2007 @ 9:50 pm | Reply

  2. Yikes, what a headache!

    Comment by Octopus Knits — August 8, 2007 @ 3:42 am | Reply

  3. it really sucks to pay something on a trip only to find you were ripped off. it’s not a fun way to learn something, but, they will never get you again!!

    Comment by nittingram — August 9, 2007 @ 12:41 am | Reply

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