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March 25, 2007

I spent my Saturday…

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Hiking or what I thought to be hurling myself down a rocky ravine.  My boyfriend took me and 3 of my nursing school friends, and 3 of his co-workers to see a trussel bridge in Imperial County, CA.  If you’re at all familiar w/ southern CA, it is off the I-8 about 20 miles from El Centro.  In other words, the middle of nowhere.

Now, I was assured that this is the coolest, longest, curved trussel bridge in the country and that it was a moderate hike.  Now, I’ve hike Half Dome and thought it was a fairly difficult hike but made it in good time.  So I thought this  would be a cake walk.  Not so… I had to go up and DOWN loose rocks as well as huge boulders.  I found out on this trip that I am paranoid about falling off these rocks.  I even think I had a panic attack at the end.   In the end, the bridge was not as great as I thought.  My friends weren’t thoughouly impressed either.  My friend Kimmy was completely sunburnt.  It hurt to look at the poor woman.  To make it worse, we left so early in the morning that I didn’t get to eat breakfast.  That part of the world did not have anything even resembling a Denny’s so I didn’t get breakfast.  Matt forgot to put the lunch I packed for us the night before in our back pack so I did not get any food until we got home at 9pm.  My friends did share a bit of their lunches w/ me but I was still insanely hungry.  I must have had a blood sugar of 30 after the all day hike.  I was sooo not in a good mood.

After we looked at the bridge, Matt, 2 of the girls, and I decided to walk the train tracks back.   I was not scaling rocks again even though the others said that it would be lots shorter than what we just did.  I found out after we got to the bridge that we had gotten lost and climbed up 2 extra mountains.  That did not make my mood better.  So… we started on our 5 mile hike back.  The only thing to look forward to is that it was all flat.  We made it in about 2 hours.  Pretty good time.  The rest of the gang was supposed to pick us up since they’d get their way before us… Turns out they got lost again and had a more “cardiovascularly intense hike” according to one of the guys.  Ummm… I’m so glad I took the train tracks back.

Now, that hike was sooo bad and such a let down that I refuse to post pictures.  I told my boyfriend that I will never go back and I hate the desert.  Maybe I’ll change my mind about the desert but I still will never do that hike again.  If anyone tries to talk you into hiking to see the longest trussel bridge in the country, don’t go.  And if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I do get to do something fun today.  I’ll be meeting Susan to do some knitting.  Yeah!!! I’ll post some pics of MNSSS in my next post.



  1. reminds me of the time when my ex-husband and i were dating and he convinced me to go on a ride at the fair w/ him even tho i really didn’t want to. at the end i vomited tacos on his shoes. he never again made me do anything i didn’t want to. (and we were together for 25 years!)

    Comment by dirty sue aka cussin' granny — March 25, 2007 @ 6:57 pm | Reply

  2. Did you finish your NSS cardigan yet? How did the hem come out? I didn’t really like my hem, too much so we’ll see if I can improve it this time. Is it suppose to be knit in stockinette stitch? I wasn’t sure after purling on the right side.

    Comment by Susan — March 29, 2007 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

  3. Hmm. I’m having a panic attack just reading your description! I have my own paranoia about falling these days. Btw, I tried to respond to your comment, but your email always gets returned to me as undeliverable. So thanks for commenting. I always enjoy keeping up with you through the blogs. We miss you on Wednesdays. Laura is on the toe of the second sock! Thanks to you. 🙂

    Comment by Sharon — March 29, 2007 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

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