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March 7, 2007

I am so weak…

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I had a day off and didn’t want to do anything constructive today so I drove over toNoble Knits to check it out. Turns out they are closing:( I was so sad to find this out because the store is nice and large and it looked like they had a great yarn selection. They are pretty much sold out of yarn because they have been having a 40% off going out of business sale for a while. Here’s what I bought:
Some notions: cute buttons for baby presents, a pair of size 17 circs (you’ll see what they will be for), and a row counter.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Two balls of Prisim Wild Stuff Half. This is some gourmet yarn. There are 2 strands either mohair, wool, alpaca, cotton, nylon, and poly.

The balls look completely different from each other but I have been assured that it’s because it’s custom dyed. I’m planning to make a stole. With this kind of yarn, a simple pattern will do. The yarn will make the garment. This was by far the most money I’d spent on 2 balls of yarn. Each was $51 for 150 yards but hey it was 40% off. I don’t think I’d ever buy yarn like this again because I’m much more of a “vanilla” yarn kinda gal. Yarns like Cascade 220 and Cotton Fleece are more up my alley. But I can experiment for 40% off.Here’s the bag that Noble Knits puts their customers’ purchases in. Isn’t it cute???

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I’ve started the right front for the Lucky Wrap and am continuing the MNSS sweater. Too many WIPs. I need to get something done!!! Tomorrow is another day!


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