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January 26, 2007

My poor sick Waldo…

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Poor Waldo.  (For those who don’t know, Waldo is my mini dachshund) He kept me awake last night.  He vomited about 5 times.  The first time, I heard him heaving in the bathroom.  If he wasn’t so sick, it would have been funny.  He had his head behind the toilet and he was aiming his vomit so that I couldn’t see it.  Now, Waldo has a tendency to overeat so vomiting is not a new occurence.  In fact, the family joke is that he is bulimic.  But this was different.  He was shaking and his stomach was churning.  I held my poor doggy and calmed him down then took him into bed.  He snuggled down but about an hour later, I heard him heaving again.  Oh gosh… I haul my sleep deprived butt out of bed to nurse him back to health.  We repeated this scenario a few more times.  Then Matt got up cause I was too tired to do it anymore.  Poor dog, he knew we were watching him and he couldn’t hide the vomit.  He started trying to lick it up so we didn’t have to wipe it up.  Poor baby.  I should have known that he was sick earlier.  Clues: he didn’t eat, drink, or beg to go outside to use the “facilities” before bed.

I took him to the vet this morning.  Diagnosis: gastritis/colitis.  This is not the first time his tummy has been irritated.  The first time was when he was 6 months old.  He became so dehydrated that he almost died.   The second time was about 1 year ago.  The vet usually does a few blood tests to see if his H&H are up.  Then they start him on some IV antibiotics and fluids for the rest of the day.  When Waldo starts perking up (meaning he tries to bite the vet/vet tech when the approach for a procedure), he’s well again.  When I brought my poor baby in, he was so sick, he let them do whatever they wanted without protest.  He especially hates getting his temp taken.

He’s much better after all the IV fluids.  But the vet doesn’t want him to eat until tomorrow.  Then he gets the bland diet of canned dog food or white rice and ground beef.  He’s not a happy camper right now.  Waldo and Wendy (his sister) live with my mom most of the time since we don’t have a fence and doggy door.  My mom said that he was begging for food in the most pitiful manner and she almost broke down and gave him a taste of his canned bland food.  She called me for moral support and I told her that she couldn’t do that under any circumstances.  It would probably make it worse since he’s kinda used to not eating.  Appetite= back to the old Waldo.

I got no knitting done today.  After I took Waldo to the vet, Matt and I went to the Buick Invitational since Waldo had to be at the vet all day.  It was a nice day, sunny and warm.  The sun on my face, the ocean view, this is why I live in San Diego.  Except for the fact my doggy was sick, I had a good day.  Tomorrow, I go to work and have the entire weekend off.  Maybe I’ll take a progress pic of my raspberry sock or my Lucky Clover Wrap for you.  I have been crocheting on the “Blanket that will complete our love”.  Matt has again guilted me into working into it.  I just need to get the darn thing completed so I don’t hear it anymore.  Hahaha… he just  wants something made by me.


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