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January 12, 2007

VLT review

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I got my books from Knit Picks on Tuesday. Yeah!!! Here’s my take on the books in case you’re interested.

Victorian Lace Today

This book was compiled by Jane Sowerby and divided into sections. Each section contains patterns by the first ladies who wrote down patterns in the 1800’s. Jane tells a story about each designer and the concept of her patterns. The first designer Miss Watt has a very simple triangle shawl. The twist is that there is a picot edge and beads. Very pretty. I also like Lady Gaugain’s “Large rectangle with center diamond pattern”. In case you can’t tell, the pattern names are very simple. This is an easy lace pattern which I’ll probably start with. I have some beautiful maroon lace weight alpaca that I’ll use for this project. I also love Miss Lamber’s “Spider’s web shawls”. It can be knitted in a half hexagon, full hexagon, or fichu. Beautiful.

I love the photography of this book. It’s so beautifully shot and it shows the patterns off much bettern than any other lace book that I have seen I was so giddy when I opened the package on Tuesday and I was not disappointed. On the downside, I believe there is a published errata which I’ll have to check out.

I’ll talk about GOL next time.

On a personal note, I went to the doctor for a check up 2 weeks ago and got my labs drawn. Turns out my triglycerides are high, 204. Under 150 is normal. Funny thing is my total cholesterol is low and HDL is high. I don’t eat many sugary things but I love fatty foods. Things like french fries and ranch dressing. I did a bit of research and found out that alcohol, birth control pills, and skipping meals can raise your triglycerides. I’m going to work really hard on limiting my alcohol intake. I really only get 1 drink a night if that. But I’ll start saving my drinks for special social occassions. As for skipping meals, I thought it didn’t really do any harm. I think it’s harder to keep track of your diet when you don’t gain weight too easily. I keep under 110 no matter what I eat so I don’t have the gauge that other people have. I’m just really going to have to watch it. The good thing is nothing else like my blood glucose level is high which could be trouble. I’ll get this triglyceride problem under control. I know it! My doctor is scheduling a diet consult for me. I never thought I’d go through one of those especially at 30 years old. But at least I know now so I can do something.

I am still working on my Ariann. It’s a very easy lace pattern and I’m still working on the body part. It’s slow going but I’m getting there. I bought some Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton in dark brown and some Tofusie sock yarn. I have no idea why since I have bags of yarn in my bed room that have yet to be knitted up. There is not enough time in the day to get my knitting done!

Tonight the boy and I are going out with some of his friends to the Kensington for dinner. San Diego Restaurant Week has participating restaurants offering 3 or 4 course meals for $30 or $40 per person. On Monday we went to the Boathouse on Coronado Island. All of the restaurants participating are very upscale restaurants that I wouldn’t normally get to eat at except for restaurant week. Last year we went to Mister A’s. Wonderful food. I can’t wait to see what the Kensington offers.


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