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December 21, 2006

The holidays are exhausting….

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Mostly because of my long hours at the hospital.  I thought the 3 – 12 hour shifts were going to be cake but when I get home I’m exhausted and I pretty much don’t do anything the next day except lounge around.  And I think I’m getting a bit of a cold.   The nose is runny!

Today I plan on knitting/crocheting Christmas presents feverishly and wrapping presents.  I’m finishing up a blanket that I started about 4 years ago for Matt that has been languishing in that almost finished state.  Everytime he finds it in the closet, he says “Our love is not complete until the blanket is…” Ugh, what a guilt trip.  Why did I tell him it was for him?  Oh well, I’m determined that it will get done in time for this Christmas.

The other present is for my mom.  I’m knitting her the “Vintage Velvet” scarf from Scarf Style.   I’m using the specified yarn, Muench Touch Me.  It’s such a nice yarn but I wonder if I could have used the Lion Brand Chenille for this.  I figured my mom is totally worth the splurge though and it’s a Christmas present.  Besides she’s been asking me for a scarf the last couple of months and this would be well worth the wait.   Pictures of both projects will be posted after they are complete.

Tomorrow I have to work.  Ugh… that gets in the way of knitting time lol… But I do love work while I’m there.  I got my first personal note from a patient.  I usually get profuse thanks for taking care of patients and even some hugs but this is the first written thanks that I’ve gotten.  It was from a woman who is determined that she needs to die and that everyone needs to leave her alone and that everyone treating her is wasting her time.  She had a whole bunch of chronic conditions.  When she told me that, I told her I have to keep giving her medication but we’ll see about her doctor transfering her to the appropriate facility.  Her family was trying to force her to fight her condition but she said she was tired of living.  Long story short, she went to a skilled nursing facility.  She thanked me for listening to her and letting her know that she makes all her decisions, not her family.   I was really sad when she left but I hope that she’s comfortable there.

I work on Chrismas Eve, Christmas, and the day after but I get 7 days off after that!  Yeah!!! I have no idea what we’re doing for New Years yet… Probably just stay home and relax.  I do have a few friends from MI who want to do something but I’m such as slacker that I haven’t investigated anything yet.  Maybe I’ll have a party…



  1. oooh, do tell how the vintage velvet works out. i’ve been eyeing that since i got the book, but too scared to felt that yarn.

    good luck finishing the knitted gifts! sending extra stamina via your blog… =)

    Comment by ruth — December 21, 2006 @ 8:15 pm | Reply

  2. The difference between Touch Me and Lion Brand Chenille is like the difference between your mother and your baby sitter. In other words, there is no comparison. Do you love your mother? She’s worth it. 🙂 🙂 Have a great holiday, and know that we miss you on Wednesdays.

    Comment by Sharon — December 23, 2006 @ 4:09 am | Reply

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