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November 17, 2006

I feel like running…

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I am feeling pretty gross and unfit at the moment. In MI, I managed to gain 10 lbs in one year! I think it was a combo of weather that was inhospitable for me exercising, an extremely busy and stressful schedule, and eating bad food. There is a bigger variety of salads and veggies available in restaurants in CA. Michigan had incredible french fries and ice cream. Definitely not good for the waistline. I’ve actually lost 5 of those lbs since being at home. I’m not doing anything different except now I work and I make half hearted attempts at going to the gym. Nurses walk a lot when they work. I wore a pedometer at work and I racked up 6 miles in a 12 hour shift! I am thinking of taking up running again. I need to have goals to accomplish. I did run/walk 3 miles on Tuesday this week and I plan on going to the gym today and doing a few miles. But I suppose I should come up with a plan. I used to run a lot but during a half marathon, I felt my hip grind into the socket. Yuck! I don’t think I’ll get to that level again, but just having an activity to keep my active will be good.

No new FO’s to show off. I did get an email from Knit Picks about the extra ball of yarn I need. I just have to call them and order it. Yeah… i might get to finish this Ms. Marigold. Lessons learned: I need to order an extra ball. It’s frustrating cause I have so many balls of yarn leftover from projects. Usually, I have 2 or 3 balls left over! Oh well…

Enough blogging… time for running and knitting…Here’s a picture for all you dog lovers. Waldo is such a funny dog. His favorite thing to do is to snuggle in freshly washed laundry. It’s kinda gross but when he’s so cute it’s hard to reprimand him.




  1. Michiganders love to hibernate and eat! I know I do, it’s hard to keep the weight off especially in the winter time. I know what you mean about left over’s, I try to use them up in charity projects.

    Comment by Larjmarj — November 18, 2006 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  2. Where dogs & laundry are concerned .. the gross thing isn’t letting your dog hang out in clean underwear, but when you find that your dog has grabbed your favorite black pair of thong underwear & dashes outside to throw it in the air & catch it & then throw it again like it’s a chew toy or something. Crazy kid!

    Comment by ~Kristie — November 19, 2006 @ 5:26 am | Reply

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