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October 19, 2006

A finished “Somewhat Cowl”

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That’s right… I finished something. Yeah!!! This WIP was started sometime in the spring back in Michigan and has gone thru many froggings. But it is finally done and I love it.
Knit and Tonic’s “Somewhat Cowl”

Please forgive the messy desk and the fact Cowl is not blocked or the ends woven in. I was so excited to have the knitting done. I actually did put a bra on and try to get a pic with it on but it wasn’t quite right because the neck of the Cowl wasn’t tacked down. Next time.

Pattern: “Somewhat Cowl” byKnit and Tonic
Needles: Size 4 Addi Turbos for the main body and Size 2 for the ribbing
Yarn: Elann brand Endless Summer (?) I bought it so long ago, I don’t have the labels anymore. It’s mercanized cotton so it has a sheen to it. My only complaint would be that it was very splitty. And the color isn’t the most flattering on my brown skin. If I made it again, I’d have to go with something more my color. Maybe a deep blue or magenta?

So… since I have one project off the needles, I need another project. I bought the new “Ariann” pattern by Chicknits which can be foundhere. And I bought some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece to knit it in. So maybe that one. I’m actually proud of myself. The only WIPS I have are the 2nd sock of a ribbed pair, a sweater that I’m working on for Matt (it’s a pattern in the summer IK), and the ribbed neck for Ms. Marigold.  Whoopee!!! That’s a record.  Oh wait, I forgot the Ruana all the cool kids are knitting.  So 4.

I have the day off so that will be spent reviewing for the NCLEX.  Maybe I’ll hit Target (aka Tarshay… for all the cool people).  I need to  get a clipboard for work and just browse around.  In nursing news, I started 4 IV’s yesterday and pulled out 2 central lines.  I feel like my floor’s IV nurse.  But at least I get lots of practice.


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