A nurse who knits…

August 30, 2006


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Ugh… I’m studying for the NCLEX now. I am just reviewing a couple of books right now but it’s slow going. And I suck at these multiple choice questions. They are tricky! I am signed up to take the Kaplan course but it starts on Sept 18. So I’m just doing things on my own. I got thru one section of the Kaplan self study. It seems like 100 more topics to go. Ugh…

On a more positive note, I started my job. I now have health insurance. Yeah!!! The downside is that MSU has not made my degree official yet so I can’t get a transcript over to the Board of Nursing. This delays my interim permit. I need that to work as a graduate nurse. So they are paying me a lot less than if I had my IP. Sucks to be me right now. I almost wish I waited to find a job until after graduation. But I have to look on the bright side. I can break my leg and not worry about having to pay an arm and a leg for it. (Sorry for the pun.)

No knitting has been completed since the last post. I was trying to knit while listening to Kaplan lectures online. Then I realized that I was not paying attention. So… I am taking notes while I listen. So no time to knit!!! I am knitting during breaks and trying to finish up my Somewhat Cowl. I’m at the ribbing for the waist band right now. Gosh… so close. I hope to finish it up before the end of the month. Everything else is on hold until I get this WIP done!


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