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July 13, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks….

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I’m jumping on the sock bandwagon, again. I actually finished a pair. And unbelievably, they are wearable.

I finished the first sock at the completion of a sock class. I believe that was way back in April. The second sock was off the needles by the last week of June. Talk about a long WIP…

I really like the yarn I chose for this. Cascade Fixation. It’s very stretchy and fit well. They even stretch out enough to fit my SO… though I think he’ll bust thru the toes at any second. The needles were size 2 bamboo Clover needles. I still like DPN’s. I haven’t gotten the hang of magic loop but I may attempt it once more before I leave MI. Matt from Threadbear is an expert at this technique and I must get him to show it to me again. The pattern is a standard sock formula that I learned in the sock class. Basically 2X2 ribbing for about 1.5 inches then stockenette the rest of your way down with shaping for the heels and toes. The only thing I would change is the color. A little color would be nice. I’m tempted to buy some more Fixation so that I can make these

I’m liking the sock thing so much I’m starting another pair. And… one sock is actually finished!

It’s a stripy yarn that I absolutely love. Fingering weight so it’s thinner than the Cascade Fixation. I believe it is a Trexxing yarn but I could be very wrong. I have since lost the label but I’ll ask the boys at Threadbear what it is if anyone is really curious. Same basic sock formula as the first pair of socks but I ribbed it all the way down to the toes. It makes for a very stretchy fabric.

Here’s another shot! Please excuse the dark splotches on my calf. They are the result of some killer mosquitos that I have encountered on the Champs patio in East Lansing. I got bitten so bad after that outing that I had to go to the doctor. My legs looked like they were weeping. The doc told me that I had the worst hypersensitivity to mosquito bites that he’d ever seen. He prescribed Zyrtec, an antibiotic to prevent secondary scarring, and bug spray. Lots of it. My poor legs were so swollen that I wasn’t supposed to wear pants cause they rubbed on the bites causing them to get more irritated. So… shorts and skirts can out but everyone stared at my legs like I was a leper. Not so fun…


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