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May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Camping Trip

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I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Memorial Day weekend! I did not do any studying. So it was a great one for me.

I did spend the last 3.5 days up at Riverview. It’s a beautiful campground and I’m so glad that my friend Nicole invited me. Most of the time was spent drinking beer and fighting the mosquitos. Holy cow, I must have given blood to a billion blood sucking insects this weekend. I even have a mosquito bite on my forehead. It’s so big it looks like a tumor. The rest of them are on various parts of my body. Unfortunately the bugs seemed to like my buttocks the most. Maybe that’s cause I have the most surface area there. And of course since my friend Karen and I were the only women without boyfriends, we got lots of attention from the single boys on the trip. Not even proclaimations of having a serious boyfriend deters these men from trying to get us to kiss or get naked. Fortunately no amount of alcohol could induce me to do either activity. All in all, good fun. haha… Michiganders sure know how to party on the river.

It wasn’t all booze and river. I did get to meet some nice people. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Yet again… when am I going to remember the camera??? I haven’t used it for anything except photographing my knitting. Oh well, maybe next time. My new friends took lots of pictures of the trip. I’ll post them as soon as hotmail decides to let me. I keep getting weird error messages.

I start a new rotation tomorrow. Community Health. The MSU nursing program has once again shown how unorganized they are. They never let us know our schedule until the last minute and true to that statement, we didn’t even know where we were supposed to go tomorrow until last Thursday when I finally complained. The advisor of the program expressed what I’m going to call “shock” that no emails have been sent out. We were previously told that we were supposed to have class on Monday and Thursday with clinicals on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since the first day of school is a Tuesday and we didn’t have an orientation yet, we didn’t know if we should be heading to the clinical site and what if anything needs preparation. So… the syllabus comes out and when I got back this afternoon from camping, I found out that there are a ton of assignments due on Wed. Way to prepare us….

Anyway, no new knitting news. I am still working on a pair of socks, my Somewhat Cowl, and my Green Gable. That’s almost done. Just need a little bit more length on the body part then it’s off to the sleeves! I can’t wait until it’s done.


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