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February 18, 2006

Another quiz thing…

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How funny…. I wonder why nursing didn’t come up. Oh, well. I have tons of studying to do today. So this is going to be a short post. But I started a new project two nights ago. I’m making the Kiri shawl and it’s moving along pretty quick. I’ll post pics soon!

You Should Get a MD (Doctor of Medicine)

You’re both compassionate and brilliant – a rare combination.
You were born to be a doctor.
What Advanced Degree Should You Get?


  1. perhaps the author of the quiz forgot that RNs can be just as compassionate and brilliant as (or even more than) doctors =)

    Comment by Ruth — February 19, 2006 @ 3:09 am | Reply

  2. Thanks for your comment and yes, Dewitt is just a stones throw from MSU – hubby got his BS and Masters there and I used to teach seminars and supervise MSW students there – I too hate the weather here – although I was born and raised in GR – I lived in Phoenix for many years before returning in 2002. Love your pooches – they are adorable!!!!!

    Comment by Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis — February 19, 2006 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

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