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August 5, 2005

I was really bad…

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I had the best of intentions this morning. I woke up and planned my day. I would go to the post office, bank, the mall to pick up some desperately needed jeans, then study for my final. I finished my online classwork. All that’s left is the final. Yikes!

Well, I accomplished the first two tasks on my list. That’s when the detour starts. I took a drive to Encinitas and visited Common Threads. They were having a sale today and I needed to pick up the Rowan Cotton 4 ply that Nancy special ordered for me. I saw it and fell in love. I got 5 balls of shade 130 which is a muted lavender color. It knits up at fingerling weight and is destined for my Orangina. There were yarns on sale for 30% off today. I almost bought some yarn to make another Ribby cardi in white or cream but the yarn I was looking at (the name escapes me right now) was still expensive:( I did score some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink to make the ballet T-shirt from Loop de Loop. I received that in the mail last Monday and I love, love, love the designs in it. Very inspirational. The best part is i got all my yarn at 30% off. Common Threads was having their ballon sale. Basically, they hid little coupons in ballons and the discounts ranged from 10% to 50%. You pick a ballon and when you go up to the counter to pay, they pop the ballon and you get the discount that you picked. I picked at 30% off ballon. Yeah! So I got my 5 balls of 4 ply and 2 balls of Cotton Fleece for $36. What a steal! The lady in front of me was even luckier. She drew a 50% off ballon.

Knitting wise, I’m still working on my Tivoli T-shirt and my Bird’s Nest Shawl. I’m about halfway done with both. I don’t know about the Apricot Shine that I’m making the Tivoli in. It’s really yellow. But not a lemon yellow. I tend to like pale pastelly yellow instead of school bus yellow which is what Apricot Shine reminds me of. I just keep thinking to myself that this is my practice Tivoli T. If I like it, I could always get a different color of Shine or Cotton Fleece. I think Cotton Fleece is my new favorite yarn. You can get 215 yards of worsted weight yarn for about $8 in lots of yummy colors.

On Wednesday I saw a free concert put on by KPRI. They gave away tickets to loyal listeners and one of my friends is on that list. They emailed loyal listeners and informed them that they could get tickets for a Tristan Prettyman concert on the Hornblower for free! You just had to pick them up at Henry’s in Encinitas or at Tower Records.

I am so glad I went. My friend had a big group go and we had a great time. The view from the Hornblower boat was beautiful. We left in time to see the sunset. Incidentally, I am so mad that I forgot my camera. Tristan Prettyman was great too. She sings, writes her own songs, and plays the guitar. And her record just got released by Virgin Records. I bought her CD on the boat and she signed it for me! If you want to listen to samples of her music, click here I don’t know if she’d be pleased with the comparison, but she kind of sounds like Jewel…


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