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July 11, 2005

Honeymoon Cami

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I decided to put Angelina to rest for a while. I couldn’t stand all the ribbing. There were soooo many stitches and I was going crazy. The last straw was when I misread the pattern. To shape the front, the instructions were to start decreasing every other row from the neck side. I took that as decrease every other neck side row. So I decreased every 6 stitches instead of every 3. Grrr… I ended up with a 9 inch front and I hadn’t even done the decreases on every row. (The front was supposed to be 7 inches long) I didn’t have the heart to frog it and start the front over just yet. I’ll let it stew for a few months. It really is a hot and itchy yarn to be dealing with this time of year anyway.

I did cast on for my Honeymoon Cami and I’m very pleased at how this is turning out. I am using Lionbrand Microspun (gasp!) in French Vanilla. I got gauge with my size 6 denise interchangeable needles. Microspun is kinda splitty but no more splitty than other yarns and it knits up soft! I’ve read horrendous reviews on KR about this yarn which is why I haven’t tried using it until now. I’m going to probably use it in the future. Maybe on another Ribby Cardi!

This pattern is available on http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/PATThoneymoon.html. So far I love it! It’s knit in the round so I avoid seaming it and it’s a quick knit. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get in contact with my camera. I’ll probably be able to wear it this weekend.

I also finished another Baby Albert for a friend’s baby. All that’s left on that one is seaming it (ugh!) and sewing these cute lady bug buttons that I found at my LYS.

I’ve found another past time to eat into my studying time. Blog reading. I’ve been reading them for hours a day. Here are two that I really like. http://www.crazyauntpurl.com and http://www.alltangledup.com. Both have some interesting takes on knitting. If you’re looking to make a hat without a pattern go to crazy aunt purl’s site. She has a “method” that I’m going to try soon. alltangledup is in UK and thank goodness she didn’t get hurt in the bombing. I’ll post more blogs up on my sidebar when I get a chance. There are some really cool blogs out there that I feel like mine sucks. But it will get there. I’m sure that these things take time to figure out what you want to put on them.


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  1. Hey, Watchutalkin’ ’bout Willis….I loves me some Microspun!

    Trish…aka azknitter

    Comment by Anonymous — July 12, 2005 @ 12:57 am | Reply

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