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June 22, 2005

Some pics to enjoy….

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Here are a few pics that I managed to download finally. There are more but having a dialup connection is not the fastest way to do things. There’s a few from MSU and two pics of my darling pups, Waldo and Wendy! Enjoy!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Me in a park on the MSU campus

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Watchtower at MSU

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wendy in her Doggles

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Waldo who’s happy he avoided wearing clothes.



  1. Cute dog!!

    Comment by rayleen — June 25, 2005 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

  2. er…dogSSS. 🙂

    Comment by rayleen — June 25, 2005 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

  3. Wendy and Waldo are so cute! I love mini dachshunds! I have claimed my sister’s mini dachsy as my own! Her name is Foxy and she is a black/tan. I made a photo album for her on my blog!

    Comment by Judy — July 10, 2005 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

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